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"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." - Helen Keller

This is What I Love

"The day I stop learning is the day I stop living."

Hi, I'm Mandy McEwen and ever since I discovered the ebb and flow of the internet nearly a decade ago, I was hooked. I found my calling in honing digital marketing skills that transformed old-school businesses into modern powerhouses and propelling entrepreneurs from the “nobody” shadows to the big leagues. I absolutely loved the satisfaction of catapulting businesses to new heights. I saw my involvement directly help others double and triple revenues in a few short months. 

I've immersed myself in this ever-changing and exciting digital marketing landscape for more than a decade. Eventually, I started my consulting firm, Mod Girl Marketing, in 2011 in response to a growing referral base. I knew I could reach even more people with a dynamic team devoted to sharing all the best practices I had learned working with clients one-on-one. 

Since then, we have grown to over 20 team members with diverse skill sets that come together to provide modern inbound marketing consulting services and competitive advantage for growing companies. 

My digital marketing journey is ever-evolving and each day I learn something new. The day I stop learning, is the day I stop living. In this industry, you can’t blink or you’ll miss the next biggest thing. 

Ready to exceed your goals with a strategic partner? 

I provide coaching, consulting, and training to modern day marketers, teams, entrepreneurs, and C-level executives. My passion lies in helping others grow and scale thriving, sustainable businesses and I love connecting with like-minded, driven individuals. 

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"We doubled our revenue. This would not have been possible without the consulting and social media education Mandy delivered to our company."

- Jeff Roediger, FedResource

This is How I Can Help You

As a business marketing coach, consultant, and trainer, I can help you prioritize so that you stay focused, strategize the right path forward, incorporate the best technology to improve efficiency, improve the skills of your employees, and hire the right new talent to exceed your growth goals.  


Develop a winning mindset. 

I work with business leaders, CMOs, entrepreneurs, and fellow marketers in a group setting or 1-on-1 setting to help them get clear on their goals, modernize with helpful technology, develop winning growth strategies, attract better customers, and increase revenue in ways they never thought possible.  

My modern approach to business growth coaching will show you how to accomplish all your marketing, branding, and growth goals, one step at a time... 


Exceed your growth goals. 

A strategic partner can be the linchpin to your success.

My modern approach makes acquiring valuable knowledge easy and fun. Sometimes just having a sounding board for your ideas fills you with the positive energy and excitement necessary to embark on a new project or set a new path. 

Get affirmation for bold direction before you take it and gain transformative feedback to take your success to the next level. 


Aim for greatness.

I offer versatile, unique, client-specific training and I don’t believe in the one-size-fits-all packages that have become all too common among marketing training. 

Instead, I get to know you and your employees and we decide on the best way to meet your needs. In addition to 1-on-1 training, myself and my team at Mod Girl work with employers who want their entire team brought up to speed on how to most effectively execute copywriting, social, SEO strategies that yield sustainable growth.


Gain modern strategies. 

Short-term successes are vital to keep you motivated on working toward growth goals, but a cohesive long-term strategy is crucial to continue bringing in greater profits, year over year. 

Partnering with a consultant puts you on the fast-track to enhancing your existing marketing campaigns, improving your business processes, and building a world-class business that fills you with pride. My inbound marketing audits are an ideal starting point for a larger discussion about your biggest strengths and areas for improvement. 

Introducing: The Modern CMO's Handbook

"Mandy has done a terrific job at demystifying inbound marketing and providing a solid framework for success. Her pragmatic approach is refreshing in a time when so many claim to be experts. Mandy is the real deal."

- Jonathan Levitt, CMO of Reitmans Canada Ltd.

Listed As One of Search Engine Journal’s 12 Highly-Successful SEO Practitioners for 2016

"Mod Girl took their time to really get into our marketing channels, traffic and strategy and provided a great comprehensive report with specific actionable items to implement to get more out of our content development and marketing. They really helped us get a handle of what we needed to do in order to leverage our current content to expand and engage our audience."

- Ryan Mathys, Founder of

Want to Know What's Working NOW in Business Growth and Modern Marketing?

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Your True Modern Marketing Partner

Growth Marketing


Marketers have it tough. On top of understanding what 75+ acronyms represent, we're expected to optimize and test them frequently. 

We're expected to know the latest growth marketing strategies and greatest technologies to exceed ROI goals. In the constantly evolving digital landscape, it pays big to combine skill sets, knowledge and experience. Whether you're a Fortune 500 marketing executive or a busy entrepreneur, let's partner to exceed your growth goals.  

Modern Branding

Competition is fierce. If your brand doesn't take bold leaps to get on board with best practices, modern design, and new technologies as they become available, your business gets left in the dust. 

You can’t be complacent in your understanding of the way the Internet works to drive sales down the pipeline. You must be ever-striving for greatness. You can’t afford to take stabs in the dark. You need to know WHAT WORKS NOW and develop a path to get there. With an eye for modern branding and a history of transformative results, let me help you modernize your brand and catapult your success.

Business Success

Like most, my early years as an entrepreneur were fraught with long hours, staff turnover, learning curves, unanticipated challenges, and setbacks. I understand where you’ve been and where you want to go. I am sympathetic to the need to have big, complex topics broken down into small, manageable steps. 

My approach boils down your grandiose visions into a crystal-clear process that delivers fast results to keep you motivated for the bigger pay-off down the road. My business growth coaching WILL help you accomplish your goals so that you can live a more enjoyable life.  

Influencer Coaching

Thought leadership, also known as, authority marketing, is about more than Ego. Through insightful ideas, skillful storytelling, strategic outreach, and smart distribution, you can become a valuable, intrinsic player in your industry -- as Henry Ford was to automobiles, or as Bill Gates is to computers. 

Pursuing the path to becoming a thought leader is a worthy endeavor because you will be rewarded with the respect and referrals that comes with the territory. If you truly want to skyrocket your personal success and become a modern digital powerhouse, you will invest in cultivating this aspect of your business.