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Are you ready to generate 10x your current leads for your agency or business - without spending hours cold calling people every day? Then sign up for a Mod Lead Generation Strategy Session with me and let's create a plan that works.

I founded Mod Girl Marketing in 2010, a few years after getting started in the digital marketing world. I hadn't yet made a name for myself, nor did I have thousands of dollars available to quickly pay for leads or sales reps. Not gonna lie, I struggled for years when it came to consistent lead generation. The inconsistent monthly revenue streams were stressing me out, to say the least.

Because I didn't have the funds to hire sales people or pay for advertising, I had to learn low-cost, impactful techniques that brought clients to me - and fast.

The lead generation methods I devised are so effective they've allowed me to NEVER hire a salesperson. Instead, I was able to build the right marketing team to help with all the additional leads and new clients!

This proven, wildly effective lead gen system is also responsible for my agency coaching clients landing anywhere from 10 to 15 new leads per WEEK by following these exact methods. Ready to start generating more leads for your business? I'd love to create a custom lead generation plan with you. Let's chat!


Here are what some of my coaching clients are saying about my lead generation methods:

Social Media Consultant, Michelle, is Booked Solid!

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Agency Owner, Shannon, Lands 15  Strategy Calls in 1 Week!

Agency Owner, Eric, Gains Valuable Insight on How to Scale His Business

Agency Owner, Veronica, Grows Her Business with The Mod Agency Bundles


Agency Owner, Mark, Gains Clarity and Direction to Achieve His Goals

I absolutely love helping digital entrepreneurs scale their businesses and 10X their leads in a short amount of time! Now, I want to share my secrets with you. In a 30 minute call, I'll analyze the current state of your business and help you devise an effective lead generation program.

Here’s What Your Lead Gen Strategy Session Will Get You:

- A customized lead generation plan specifically created for YOUR business goals
- WHY the lead gen system I put together for you will work better than any you’ve tried before
- WHERE to find your target audience
- WHAT steps you need to take to attract your target audience and get them on the phone
- HOW to follow the plan I put together for you so you can attract at least 10 new leads per week (and consistently, week after week!)
If during our call, you decide that you love strategic plan I've created for your business and want additional help implementing it, you’ll be invited to register for Mod Lead Gen Masters - my new program.
In the Mod Lead Gen Masters program, you'll receive access to specific, actionable steps you need to take to quickly generate new, targeted leads on autopilot.
In addition to the lead gen strategy session, you'll receive:
- A massive discount on the Mod Lead Gen Masters Program - Exclusive to Mod Agency Insiders Only!
- Special Access to Module 2 of the program which includes resources to help you start attracting new leads quickly, including:
  •   5 minute training video
  •   Checklist to help you easily stand out amongst the competition
You get all of this for just a $50 investment. Instead of wasting thousands on advertising, you can literally take the plan I put together and start attracting new leads within 24 hours after implementing it.
Yes, it's THAT powerful!


Submit a $50 deposit to secure your spot.* After you schedule a day and time for your session, you will see the calendar section change to this: Simply click on the blue link to pay your $50 deposit.

Important: When you pay your deposit, use the same email address that you use to book your strategy session below.

Get started now by selecting a day and time below to reserve your spot for your 30 minute strategy session and start generating new clients fast! *Note: All deposits are non-refundable. Your $50 deposit is for one 30 minute lead generation strategy session with Mandy of Mod Girl Marketing. Should you choose to sign up for the Mod Lead Gen Masters, your deposit will be applied towards payment for the program. If you do not decide to move forward with the program, you will walk away with a lead generation plan you can implement right away.