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Better SEO is pivotal to better visibility. Improve your website in as little as 8 days with our Mini SEO Audit.

The search engine optimization audit will include core aspects such as Organic Opportunities, On-page SEO, and Off-page SEO.

Organic Opportunities

Strengthen your brand’s presence!
Identify your top keywords, keyword search volume, competitor rankings, and more! This information is gold and will allow you to optimize your site appropriately so you can receive an increase in traffic and sales!

On-page SEO Audit

Remove barriers to increased traffic!
Receive technical analysis on various aspects of your website and identify problems that can be easily fixed. This analysis will provide you with the info you need to make your content easily accessible to search engines. 

Backlink Audit

Avoid penalties from Google!
Inbound marketing is an essential part of any successful SEO strategy. Identify which links are hurting your site, how many sites link back to you, the health of your anchor text profile, link growth rate, and more!

Search engine optimization is critical for companies looking to drum up leads and do business on the internet. According to DAC Research, 71% of enterprise purchase decisions in the U.S. begin with research conducted on a search engine. Given the popularity of digital research and the growing use of mobile search, you can’t afford to stick your head in the sand. It is recommended that you perform an SEO audit every six months to ensure the health and viability of your web presence. Keep a pulse on your competition and know which strategies are working, so you don’t throw good marketing dollars after bad!

There are plenty of online audit tools out there, but nothing beats the comprehensiveness of an SEO Audit from an SEO marketing consultant. We not only give you the data, but we package it in a way that makes sense and highlights the most important strategies to improve your website’s performance quickly. If you wish, we’ll help you take the next step to conduct a comprehensive SEO audit, content audit and digital marketing audit. We can also optimize your web pages, devise inbound marketing plans, remove bad links if needed, and create stellar content that converts. 

2 Reports

Over 10 Pages of SEO Auditing

10 Modules

10 different SEO aspects of your website audited


Over 6 pages of technical website tips

30 Minutes

You can review the audit information in 30 minutes or less

Only the Best

Mod Girl Marketing provides the highest quality SEO services to ensure our clients receive only the best results possible. Known for our amazing SEO services, we've helped clients achieve spectacular results in as little as 3 months!

alvaro-dynacorp"If there’s a better company for SEO than Mod Girl Marketing, I have yet to find it! Working with my company for close to a year, we’ve had nothing but a great experience! Fast, friendly service, great communication, and more importantly, amazing results! They provide incredible service that no one else has been able to beat! Thank you Mandy!"

-Alvaro Perez, DynaCorp Auctions

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Recent studies have shown that organic search accounts for 64% of a website’s traffic. Yet, many companies throw most of their money after paid search opportunities that bring in 6% of their traffic. Our SEO audit helps you get more leverage from your marketing dollars and gives your business the building blocks it needs to devise effective, strategic SEO campaigns and fix current site issues. With a few simple tweaks, your site can move from virtual obscurity to top prominence in search engines – sometimes overnight!”

Mandy McEwen
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