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Established by Mandy in 2010, Mod Girl Marketing is an award-winning digital marketing agency. Mod Girl’s superpowers include building winning demand generation & social media campaigns for ambitious B2B companies who think big.

Mod Girl believes in a world where every business leader and brand is driven by meaningful growth and innovation, not ego and greed.

Established by Mandy in 2021, Luminetics provides LinkedIn sales and marketing solutions to B2B enterprises. Mandy and her team provide bespoke training and consulting on all areas of LinkedIn for enterprise sales and marketing teams.

The Luminetics mission is to illuminate brands that are driven by purpose via LinkedIn and humanized marketing and sales.

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Social selling planning session

“Mandy’s training was impressive to say the least! Her charisma and passion shined through. She knew exactly how to engage her audience in an interactive & informative manner.”

Gabriella Ramirez, PR Manager for LinkedIn at Media Monks