About Mandy McEwen

Mandy McEwen is the Founder & CEO of Mod Girl Marketing, an award-winning social media consultancy, and Luminetics, a LinkedIn training company.

She has been marketing successful brands online since 2007.

In 2010, she decided to utilize her online marketing skills to start a marketing agency, Mod Girl Marketing.

Now, over a decade later, Mandy and her team at Mod Girl® partner with B2B companies to increase brand exposure and revenue through the power of LinkedIn and modern social media strategies.

She is a renowned content creator, speaker, and trainer with 8+ marketing courses and an Inc-rated Facebook group.

Mandy has been named a Top 24 B2B Marketer by LinkedIn, Top 10 Marketer by DigitalMarketer, and listed in Search Engine Journal as a Top 12 SEO Expert.

In addition to these distinctions, she has been featured in dozens of industry outlets including Inc., Huffington Post, and MAXIM magazine.

Awards and Recognition

Named Top 50 Global Thought Leaders and Influencers on Personal Branding In 2024 By Thinkers360

Named Top Woman In Sales To Follow In 2024 In Mar 2024 By The Sales Collective

Named Top 50 Global Thought Leader and Influencer in Marketing 2024 In Jan 2024 By Thinkers360

Featured In Expert Roundup In Oct 2023 By Search Engine Journal

Named Top 10 Inspirational Women In Jan 2023 By MAXIM Magazine

Named Marketer Of The Week In Oct 2022 By LinkedIn Ads

Named Top 100 Digital Marketing Influencer In Oct 2022 By Brand24

Named Top 22 LinkedIn Experts To Follow In Oct 2022 By Socialinsider

Named One Of The Top 10 Marketers Of The Year In Sep 2022 By DigitalMarketer

Named LinkedIn Influencer Of The Week In Jun 2022 By Social Sales Link

Named Top Marketing Agency In Jun 2022 By PR Expert

Named Top Creative Agency To Hire In 2022 In Apr 2022 By DesignRush

Named Top Woman In Marketing To Follow In Mar 2022 By Xenia Consulting

Named a Top 150 Women B2B Thought Leaders to Follow in 2022 In Jan 2022 By Thinkers360

Named Top 15 Business Consulting Firm In 2021 By DesignRush

​Named a Top 30 Best Digital Marketer to Follow in 2021 In Feb 2021 By MobileMonkey

Featured In Inaugural LinkedIn Studio Week In 2020

Named a Top Branding Agency For 2020 In Jun 2020 By DesignRush

Named a Top 20 B2B Digital Marketing Agency In May 2020 By DesignRush

Named Top 70 Marketers You Need to Follow On Twitter In Mar 2020 By Foundation Inc.

Named a Top 20 Female Marketer To Follow In Jul 2019 By G2

​​Featured as a Top Digital Marketer to Follow on Twitter In May 2019 By Express Writers

​​Named One Of LinkedIn’s 24 B2B Marketers You Need To Know In Apr 2019 By LinkedIn

Named a Top Facebook Marketing Group In Jan 2019 By Inc.

Guest Appearance On LinkedIn’s Live With Marketers Show In 2019

Named Top 27 Inbound Marketing Agency In 2019 By DesignRush

​​​Featured as a Top CRO Expert by Inc., 2018
Named a Top 55 Content Marketing Influencer by MediaDigi, 2018

Named One of the Most Influential Marketers on Social Media In June 2018 By TechWyse

Named a Top 10 Best Agency Coach In Mar 2018 By BloggerLocal

Named a Top 8 SEO Expert In 2016 By Search Engine Journal

Named a Top 24 Medical Marketing Expert In Dec 2016 By InboundMD

Named One of Twelve Highly Successful SEO Practitioners In Nov 2016 By Search Engine Journal

Named a Top 100 Most Followed SEO Experts On Twitter In May 2016 By Josh Steimle

Published In The Binman’s Guide to Marketing Book In Feb 2016 By The Binman’s Guide to Marketing

Named a Top Online Marketer on Twitter In Dec 2015 By Biznology

Published In The Productivity Book In Nov 2015 By The Productivity Book

Named a Top 50 Content Marketing Kings And Queens You Have to Follow In Sep 2015 By Heyo

Named a Top 37 Creative Female Web Designers You Should Know About In July 2015 By Line25

Named a Top 25 Healthcare Marketing Expert In June 2015 By eVisit

Named a Top Healthcare Marketing Expert You Should Follow In May 2015 By eVisit

Founder Of Mod Girl Marketing In 2010

Podcast Host

Co-Host, The DigitalMarketer Podcast

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Mod Girl Marketing

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Your Top-Rated LinkedIn & B2B Social Selling Advisor & Team

Established by Mandy in 2010, Mod Girl Marketing is an award-winning digital marketing agency. Mod Girl’s superpowers include building winning demand generation & social media campaigns for ambitious B2B companies who think big.

Mod Girl believes in a world where every business leader and brand is driven by meaningful growth and innovation, not ego and greed.

Established by Mandy in 2021, Luminetics provides LinkedIn sales and marketing solutions to B2B enterprises. Mandy and her team provide bespoke training and consulting on all areas of LinkedIn for enterprise sales and marketing teams.

The Luminetics mission is to illuminate brands that are driven by purpose via LinkedIn and humanized marketing and sales.

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Social selling planning session

“Mandy’s training was impressive to say the least! Her charisma and passion shined through. She knew exactly how to engage her audience in an interactive & informative manner.”

Gabriella Ramirez, PR Manager for LinkedIn at Media Monks