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3 LinkedIn Profile Optimization Tips for Landing Your Dream Client

LinkedIn is the social network where business gets done. The numbers speak for themselves: 80% of social media B2B leads can be attributed to this platform. And LinkedIn…
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best facebook groups

Top 11 Best Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs and Marketers

I'm a big believer in the idea that we should focus on collaboration, not competition. And Facebook groups are a great place to collaborate with fellow entrepreneurs and…
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how to get high-paying SEO clients

How to Get High-Paying SEO Clients: Facebook Live with Chris M. Walker

Landing a high-paying SEO client for your digital agency can be a challenge. I often see agency owners charging too little for their services, or trying to target…
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How to grow your business Facebook Group Live

Ask Me Anything About Scaling a Remote Agency in My Facebook Group

One of my biggest passions is helping fellow marketing entrepreneurs and remote agency owners achieve their growth goals. That's why I founded our free Facebook group, Mod Agency…
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Find Quality B2B Leads

Find Quality B2B Leads on LinkedIn – A Unique Mod Lead Gen Masters Testimonial

When it comes to B2B leads, LinkedIn is a goldmine. But if you truly want to grow your business, you need to find quality B2B leads - high-paying, dream clients…
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client onboarding process

Your Client Onboarding Process with Karl Sakas [Facebook Group Interview]

A good client onboarding process is essential when it comes to growing a successful business. However, many entrepreneurs tend to ignore this important operational task. As a creative…
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delegate tasks successful entrepreneurs

Why Effective Delegation Is Crucial for Successful Entrepreneurs

One of the best things about being an entrepreneur is that every day is different - but for a lot of entrepreneurs, that also means you end up…
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LinkedIn features

The Top 6 LinkedIn Features Guaranteed to Grow Your Business

I've said it before: Linkedin is the best way to generate leads for B2B businesses. At 500 million users and growing, it is the social media site that…
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managing virtual teams

Managing Virtual Teams: How to Build Your Agency with Remote Workers

The internet brings people together from all over the world — especially potential team members. At Mod Girl Marketing, I decided to create an all virtual team so that…
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Web Design Trends: The Biggest Changes Coming in 2018

With 75% of people judging your credibility based on how your website looks, good web design isn't optional; it's a necessity. Your website design helps set your site…
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