3 Tips for Creating a Morning Routine Rooted in Success [Contributed Blog]

What are you doing to achieve your personal and professional goals amid the pandemic? While many might take the roll out of bed approach to working from home, the women who are going to go the extra mile are the ones who set intentions before the sun rises. 

Improving yourself doesn’t start the minute you log onto work and won’t end when you log off. Creating morning rituals and routines that positively impact your whole day is key for increasing productivity, keeping a clear and focused mind, and reaching your next milestone.

Whether you’re a night owl or an early riser there are many benefits to creating a morning routine. Figuring out a morning routine that works for you personally is important for sticking with it, so we’ve sourced 3 tips for designing a routine that’s rooted in success. 

Incorporate Mindfulness 

You don’t have to be an avid yogi or meditation practitioner to incorporate mindfulness into your morning routine. Practicing mindfulness allows you to ease into your routine, setting a more relaxed and amicable tone for the rest of the day. Start small by doing a body scan right when you wake up and avoid immediately checking your phone or emails. 

Practice Gratitude

Practicing gratitude every morning helps you focus on the many luxuries life brings and ignore minor distractions and nuances that could bring you down. Expressing a few things you are grateful for every morning will boost your mood and help you shine positive energy to your clients, colleagues, and family. 

Set Daily Intentions 

After incorporating mindfulness and practicing gratitude you are primed to set goals for the day. Your mind and body will be relaxed but ready to focus on big picture milestones. Plus, by starting earlier in the day you will be able to carve out time to accomplish the intentions you set. 

Ready to create a morning routine that’s rooted in success? For more inspiration on how to get started, Tommy John created the visual below all about supercharging your life with a morning routine.

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