I Didn’t Know I Was Creating A “Personal Brand.”

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I didn’t know I was creating a “personal brand.”

I was simply doing what was necessary if I wanted to write my own checks.

Sink or swim.

So I swam.

Upstream, sideways, and sometimes backward, but as long as I kept swimming, I knew I’d make it.

Show them you know your stuff.

Show them you genuinely care.

Show them your passion and ambition.

Show them you can get results.

Show them you are DIFFERENT.

They will see it and they won’t have a choice but to believe you and hire you.

Because you ARE the best.

And they NEED you.


That’s what I told myself 11 years ago when I was unknowingly building my “personal brand” and Mod Girl’s brand.

You see, that’s really all building a personal brand is – showing the world what you’re made of, what you can do for them, and why you do it.

At the core, it’s simple.

Simple, yet requires consistency and hard work.

So why do you think people have such a tough time wrapping their minds around building their personal brand?

What’s holding them back?

For some, it’s fear of what people think or fear that they aren’t “good enough.”

For others, it’s not knowing the right steps to follow.

Whatever it is, there’s got to be something to fuel that desire or it will never happen.

P.S. Pictured at the top of this post is the glorious promo collateral from my very first speaking opportunity and booth at a small networking event in KC. Circa 2011. Followed by a picture of me speaking at LinkedIn’s Inaugural Studio Week last year in San Francisco.

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