8 Best Female Web Designers

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Did you know that roughly 60% of graphic designers are women? So why is it we never hear about them? Well, it seems the design aspect is just one piece of the web design pie. It’s a rarer bird to find a woman who excels in back-end programming, as well as arts. Only 3% of computer programmers are women. Of course one doesn’t need to be an expert computer programmer to design a website, but basic knowledge of coding (HMTL, CSS, PHP, etc) is a must. It may be a relatively male-dominated industry, but here are 8 female web designers that rock!

1. Kate Bingaman-Burt

We love Kate’s playful hand-drawn illustrations and emphasis on typography. It’s no wonder the Museum of Modern Art, NY Times, Etsy, Target, Microsoft and VH-1 have all tapped her expertise. In addition to freelancing, Kate also teaches design at Portland State University.

female web designer

Kate Bingaman Burt is one of the 8 best female web designers.

Follow Kate on Twitter: @katebingburt

2. Larissa Meek

How many web designers do you know who are former Miss USA contestants? Now a mother of twins, Meek has a storied career with nearly a decade of professional experience in 3D animation and art. She’s currently serving as serving as a Creative Director at BGT Partners, but her past work has appeared on the sites of big clients like Warner Brothers and Howard Stern.

best web designers

Larissa Meek is one of the 8 best female web designers.

Follow Larissa on Twitter: @larissameek

3. Jan Cavan

Jan Cavan’s web designs are so dazzling that celebrities like Britney Spears follow her Twitted feed. The Southern California designer’s work has appeared in online editions of PBS, Mashable and Smashing Magazine. When she’s not pursuing passions in arcade basketball, DIY furniture or playing the ukelele, she does a lot of web design public speaking events.

female web designer

Jan Cavan is one of the 8 best female web designers.

Follow Jan on Twitter: @jancavan

4. Meagan Fisher

Meagan Fisher is a nocturnal web designer living in New York. She loves owls, typography and textures. She’s worked on designs for Change.org and helped Twitter out with their hope140 side project. You may have seen some of her WordPress themes in your travels too.

women web designer

Meagan Fisher is one of the 8 best female web designers.

Follow Meagan on Twitter: @owltastic

5. Gisele Jacquenod

The colorful, fun work of Argentinian Gisele Jacquenod has caught the eye of Smashing Magazine and Vandelay Design more than once. Armed with a degree in Visual Communication Design, she is living in Norway with her cat and designing for small businesses, including zombie pizza joints and French bakeries.

female web designers

Gisele Jacquenod is one of the 8 best female web design pros.

Follow Gisele on Twitter: @giselejaquenod

6. Melissa Hie

Melissa is one of those rare female web designers with a passion for front-end web developing skills — using tools like jQuery and mootools. She’s been working in the field since graduating from design college in 2007. Past clients include Heineken and ADIDAS.

female web designer

Melissa Hie is one of the 8 best female web designers.

Follow Melissa on Twitter: @melissahie

7. Kimberly Coles

Kimberly confidently touts herself as “an award-winning Creative Director specializing in branding, web design, print design, and illustration.” One of her prized projects is designing The Everywhereist travel blog, which TIME Magazine called one of the top 25 blogs of 2011. Past clients include the Kennedy Space Center, the City of Marion (Indiana), Humana Medicare and Delta Faucet.

best female web designers

Kimberly Coles

Follow Kimberly on Twitter: @kimberlycoles

8. Mandy McEwen and the Mod Girl Team

I’m sure you saw this coming… I can’t have a top 8 list of female web developers and not include myself! So here goes…

Mandy McEwen is the Founder and President of Mod Girl Marketing. Her passions go beyond web design to include online marketing, SEO, social media, business and analytics. This Kansas City native is now living in California and has built an amazing team of web developers that help her create powerful, engaging websites for Mod Girl customers. With nearly a decade of experience, her clients include local fitness studios, recording studios, real estate agents, home builders, roofing contractors, various start-ups, window dealers and limo companies — to name a few. She has also worked with larger national brands, but prefers not to name-drop! Have a look at the Mod Girl portfolio to see some of the clean, beautiful designs her team has created that have transformed businesses and improved search engine visibility.

Best female web designers

Mandy McEwen of Mod Girl Marketing

Follow Mandy on Twitter: @mandymodgirl

Searching for and professional team of web developers? You can click through any of the 8 listed web designers above and inquire about their services. You can also contact Mod Girl Marketing here.

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