Time Management for Entrepreneurs: Reclaim Your Time and Grow Your Agency

time management for entrepreneurs

Today I want to talk about something that every business owner finds precious, yet oftentimes scarce: our time. More specifically, time management for entrepreneurs.

The question is: are you working hard or hardly working?

It’s a common joke – but it’s something we as marketing entrepreneurs do need to consider. Just because you’re working hard 16 hours a day does not mean you’re doing the RIGHT work.

I recently took a cruise to Alaska and Canada (with a stop in Seattle on the way), and while there had limited internet access – meaning I really had to manage my time effectively!

Keep reading to learn more about the strategies I’ve learned when it comes to time management for entrepreneurs.

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Time Management for Entrepreneurs: Why It Matters

When it comes to time management for entrepreneurs, you need to make sure you’re prioritizing the right things. Your focus should be on:

  • – Work that will land you new customers.
  • – Work that will help you form the right collaborations and partnerships
  • – Work that will grow your business.
  • – Work that will allow you to focus on your unique abilities.
  • – Work that will allow you to fulfill your lifelong passions.

It’s easy to fall into a trap of “it’s easier if I just do it myself” – and then spend all day writing tweets, checking email, and making minor website tweaks.

But when you do that, you miss out on the chance to focus on the high-level tasks that will allow you to achieve your growth goals.

Confession time: I’ve personally been struggling with time management for years.

I will admit that to this day I find myself saying things like, “I’ll just do it myself. It will only take me 15 minutes” – when in reality, I have absolutely NO business doing things like testing email campaigns or building landing pages.

Yes, I am a hard worker and can get a lot done quickly – but if the “work” isn’t helping grow my business faster and fulfill my mission, then it is simply “work” and nothing else.

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What is Outsourcing in Business?

Like many entrepreneurs, I know deep down that I should start delegating these little tasks, but I often do them myself anyway. And each time I decide to let that inner time vampire win, I lose.

I don’t just lose money, but I lose my creative mojo. It doesn’t matter if it took me 15 minutes or 150 minutes, those minutes add up fast. And when you take into consideration the value of my time ($1,000+ per hour) and the cost it would take me to pay my team to handle those tasks (or even outsource it to a new individual), it becomes a no-brainer.

What would you rather pay? $50 an hour? Or $1,000 an hour?

Silly question, I know. But yet, I still struggle with taking a step back and delegating certain tasks to my team because I think I can “do it better” or “do it faster.” And it doesn’t just sabotage my financial growth, but it also prevents me from making a bigger footprint in this world.

That’s why outsourcing is so important. With outsourcing, you can hire an expert to complete the specific projects you need done that are sucking up all your time – freeing you to work on the high-level strategic work that allows you to scale your remote agency.

When it comes to time management for entrepreneurs, knowing how to outsource work – to delegate tasks you have no business doing yourself – is essential.

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Adopting New Time Management Techniques

The more time I spend on menial tasks, the less time I spend impacting people’s lives. And that is NOT the way the world’s most successful, influential people operate.

It is impossible to build an empire(s) and impact millions of lives when you are not maximizing every minute of your time. And because of this, I’ve made a conscious effort to change.

Not just for a short time, but for a lifetime – I refuse to go backwards.

So I challenge you to join me and start becoming fully aware of the time you spend every single day IN your business, when you should be working ON your business

Ask yourself: is this task going to be directly related to achieving my goals? Or can I delegate this to someone else so I can focus on the high-level activities that will actually help my business grow?

I believe we all have an obligation to take control of our time, instead of letting time control us.

And when you do, you free up your precious time to do things that really matter – and I’m not just talking about business-related tasks.

By effectively managing my time and outsourcing work, I was recently able to spend a week exploring Alaska, Canada, and Seattle on a cruise. (You can see some photos below, or check out even more on my Facebook page!) And I never would have been able to go on a trip like this if I hadn’t started managing my time better.

So stop spending your time on busy “work” when you were put on this earth to do so much more!

Time Management for Entrepreneurs

Time Management for Entrepreneurs Mandy McEwen

How Outsourcing Can Help with Time Management for Entrepreneurs

My mission is to help as many digital marketing entrepreneurs as possible by sharing the knowledge and insights I’ve accumulated over the past decade.

One way I do that is through my Mod Outsource Masters course, where I show you exactly how to grow your digital agency without a massive payroll.

With outsourcing, you can reclaim your time so you can focus on growing your business – and so you can spend more of that time with your friends and family!

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