8 Reasons Your Business Needs a Social Media Management Tool Like Hootsuite

If you’re not careful, social media can gobble up every spare moment you have. Often when we market on Facebook or Twitter, we get the feeling that there is a better, easier way to conduct marketing research and execute basic tasks. And there is! HootSuite lets you maximize your social networking efforts, without expending too much time or energy.

Read on for eight reasons why HootSuite is an essential for any marketer’s tool kit!


1. Get All Your Social Media In One Window.

The HootSuite dashboard lets you blast out messages to more than one network at once. This saves a tremendous amount of time for marketers and vastly simplifies the process of disseminating information. Managing multiple social media accounts in one window eliminates the problem of having too many tabs going at once and makes it easier to focus on the tasks at hand. One login key will give you access to all your accounts.

2. Schedule Posts In Advance… Lots of Them!

Another main draw of a dashboard like HootSuite is the ability to schedule posts in advance. The program can automatically schedule posts based on the most optimal time to gain visibility or you can set a specific time yourself. It can auto-schedule posts for Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and Twitter with ease.

3. Monitor Keywords and Conversations.

By now you know the value of a keyword. It’s the bait that brings strangers to your doorstep. You can add all the keywords your organization ranks for into a stream on HootSuite to monitor (in real time) who is talking about that topic. You can then jump in to provide immediate solutions for people. It’s a great way to stay current with what people are saying in your niche. It’s recommended that you upgrade to Pro, so you can track more than the three keywords the free version limits you to.

4. Get a Pulse on Hot Topics.

This week, everyone in Social Media Land was talking about the Chicago Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup and the Supreme Court’s DOMA decision ruling that a federal same-sex marriage ban was unconstitutional. It’s easy to notice common threads like this when you use HootSuite. A smart company will tap into the conversation. For instance, the NHL social media team used HootSuite to nurture their fan base by sharing photos, videos, game times, trades, answers to questions about the official rules and more.

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5. Organize Groups of Followers Into Lists.

On HootSuite, you can create public and private lists of trusted contacts. This will help you engage with different groups. For instance, you may have news outlets organized into one list and highly-engaged social media influencers collected into another list. You can make a list for your personal friends and family, or make a list of people you are merely prospecting. Another list can be for past customers. Most businesses will have a list of people they will need to communicate with in the event of an emergency.

6. Access Valuable Analytics Data.

You can access personalized reports and statistics, including which tweets are most re-tweeted, what time people engage with your brand the most, and which posts are getting the most clicks. You’ll also be able to see which keywords and calls to action are most successful in bringing people to your website. This sort of information is gold!

7. Avert Disaster With The SocialBro App.

HootSuite recently added SocialBro to their app directory to provide another service for users. You can see who has been unfollowing accounts, monitor new members, and reach out to interact with these more sensitive individuals. You can more easily identify influencers, track your interactions, discover new Twitter users, and analyze your competition.

8. Organize What You See By What Is Important To You.

Unlike similar tools, HootSuite has a user-friendly dashboard with multi-column views and tabs. For instance, one user organized her HootSuite with the Twitter timeline in the first column, Twitter mentions in the second column, Twitter direct messages in the third column, and latest tweets in the fourth column. If she were actually using Twitter, she would have to click between all these different screens. You may also add columns like: retweets, favorites, scheduled posts and search terms.

If marketing is your business, I highly recommend that you give HootSuite Pro a try today!


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