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SAN DIEGO, CA — (ReleaseWire) — 11/20/17 — Mod Girl Marketing, a leading digital agency offering modern marketing consulting, has released its new course, “Mod Outsource Masters.” In this comprehensive program, founder and CEO Mandy McEwen shares her secrets to growing your business – without adding dozens of employees to your payroll – through outsourcing and digital partners.

“By strategically partnering with white label agencies, freelancers, and vendors, you can provide additional services to your clients and drive business growth, all without restricting yourself to just a handful of full-time employees,” says McEwen.

“Mod Outsource Masters gives you my step-by-step instructions to finding, hiring, and working with digital partners – lessons I learned through years of partnerships with dozens of individuals and agencies.”

agency outsourcing mod outsource masters

Learn the 3 Secrets to Working with Digital Partners

McEwen shares the lessons she learned from these partnerships in her free, multi-part training. Discover how successful outsourcing can be key to your agency’s success below, then watch the rest of her free video training here.

Watch the full, free video training now.

Learn How to Scale Your Agency Fast Through the Mod Outsource Masters Program

Mod Girl Marketing’s new course Mod Outsource Masters includes frequently updated lists of McEwen’s top trusted vendors, digital agencies, and freelancing sites, all of which she has personally worked with and recommends. The course also includes 6 agreement templates, from a freelancing agreement to a non-disclosure agreement, and Mod Girl Marketing’s time-tested list of interview questions for freelancers, white label agencies, and vendors.

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McEwen has spent nearly a decade growing her business, and at first, she did it all herself. But as demand for her marketing and consulting services grew, she knew she needed to expand. “I quickly learned that doing everything myself was impossible if I wanted to continue to scale,” she explains.

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To meet the growing demand, McEwen turned to outsourcing. She began hiring freelancers and partnering with white label agencies, building her team with digital marketing experts who could help her fulfill specific needs in her business, from a web designer to a Google AdWords expert to a virtual assistant.

“The term “solopreneur,” though commonly used to refer to digital agency owners, is not an accurate representation of entrepreneurs,” says McEwen. “Even if you don’t have a payroll, there are other people who help shape your company, allowing you to grow. One person can not do it all – and if they do, well, they are superhuman!”

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As an entrepreneur, finding these digital partners can be a challenge – which is why McEwen created her new course, Mod Outsource Masters, to share the strategies that have enabled her to grow Mod Girl Marketing into a leading digital agency with clients around the world.

Become a Mod Outsource Master today and learn how you can scale your business fast – without a payroll.

agency outsourcing mod outsource masters

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