Many of us have developed a different outlook on personal hygiene, interacting with people in public, and how we react to the potential spreading of germs. And while some have returned to office environments, that transition has been anything but going back to business as usual. From social distancing measures being taken regarding desk layouts and sharing common areas, to temperature check policies, the current in-office environment is a far cry from what it used to be.  And then there’s those of us who are working remotely due to the flexibility of our industry. For individuals who didn’t use to work remotely on a daily basis, this has been one of the biggest changes the pandemic has brought on. While some have flourished in the work-from-home environment, others have found it difficult to adapt—from staying connected to their team to keeping their own focus and motivation on track—and are looking […]

This year has sent various curveballs into society. One of the biggest sparked by the pandemic that leads to tremendous downfalls in the workplace and many people’s careers. Many members were sent home from work without a specific return date. Yet oddly enough, the majority of those sent home commonly shocked the lives of women commonly referred to as the she-cession. Check out the infographic below for more insight about the she-cession and tips to navigating this change. Become a Mod Girl Marketing Blog Contributor If you’re interested in submitting a guest post for Mod Girl Marketing, contact us here.

With so many reasons right now to focus on self-care and personal development, it’s hard not to dive into a new wellness or goal-oriented routine head first. We all know that self-care is beneficial and that our routines and daily habits can reinforce our success, but with so many options how do we know what kind of self-care routine will work for us?  Luckily for any self-care newbies, there are three pillars you can rely on for guidance and helpful hand to set your routine. Let’s explore those below.  1) Start Small Sleep, diet, and exercise are the three keys to overall health however ensuring that you are keeping up with all three during this uncertain time can be difficult. Start small and pick one to prioritize to reinforce it as a new habit. Although healthy eating habits, getting the right amount of sleep, and exercising are all vital to […]

Though many areas are finally beginning to ease up on shelter-at-home orders, it’s still likely to be weeks, if not months, before we’re back to business as usual. This is an especially trying time for businesses that rely mainly on facetime with their customers. In order to make sure your brand doesn’t get lost in the shuffle, it’s essential to continue engaging customers remotely, whether that’s through social media, video calls, or some other method. Take a look at the graphic from RentSpree below to learn about the best remote communication tools that won’t break the bank, examples of big-name brands that successfully pivoted to remote communication as inspiration, along with ideas for keeping your customers engaged online. Source:RentSpree Become a Mod Girl Marketing Blog Contributor If you’re interested in submitting a guest post for Mod Girl Marketing, contact us here.

Even the most ambitious and experienced professionals agree that product development is no easy task. After you’ve done the market research and validated a new concept or solution, it’s scary to spend your budget on development before knowing how successful it will be. This is why Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) are so powerful, especially for startups. What is a Minimum Viable Product? An MVP is a pared-down version of your product designed to help you work out glitches, better understand customer needs, and further prove your concept. Popularized by Lean Startup author Eric Ries, MVPs have empowered countless teams to learn the most about their customers using the least amount of time, energy, and budget possible. MVPs vary considerably in degree of functionality, but the main objective is to build a product that has enough features to give you a full understanding of how customers behave. You have to include […]

The age of today’s workforce is rapidly changing, as Baby Boomers, Gen X’ers, and Millennials are being joined by members of Generation Z. Though all of these different people with different backgrounds and perspectives can be great for collaboration and creativity, it can also cause tension and conflict in the workplace. Older and younger people often tend to misunderstand one another’s comments and intentions, so an off-hand remark can accidentally turn someone into your office enemy. In order to communicate well in the workplace, members of different generations need to understand where the other side is coming from. Take a look at the graphic from TurboTenant below to learn about the different values and work ethic styles for each major generation, along with general tips for communicating in the workplace. Become a Mod Girl Marketing Blog Contributor If you’re interested in submitting a guest post for Mod Girl Marketing, contact […]

As if lead generation wasn’t hard enough, you have to actually CONVERT the leads into paying clients.  So many agencies struggle with converting enough leads to paying clients. Sound familiar?  Why does this happen?  One of my RAS and Agency Authority Accelerator members recently asked me how to get their prospects to sign on the dotted line. So we reviewed his offerings and this is what I found… The reason most prospects do not sign up to work with you generally boils down to two things:           1. You are making it too complicated And a complicated buyer doesn’t say yes. They walk away. Stop adding 200 line items and 5 different package options. Keep it stupid simple – K.I.S.S. Simplicity wins the race every single time.  So stop overcomplicating it.           2. You let THEM take charge from the very first […]

It’s no secret that running a business can be challenging and that it at times results in entrepreneurial burnout. As an entrepreneur, everything can hinge on the decisions you make and the work you do every day, so it can seem necessary to burn the candle at both ends. But when there’s no time for rest, you’re bound to burn out. Taking some down time away from your work can ensure you stay confident in your work and motivated to achieve. Mastering the challenges that come along with managing a business isn’t something that will happen overnight. Every new stage of business brings its own challenges, and the possibility of burnout. Thankfully, there are a few key practices to keep in order to avoid entrepreneurial burnout. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Whether you’re stumped on how to get your idea off the ground, or you’re not sure who your […]

Outsourcing Expert Nathan Hirsch Goes Live with Mandy McEwen in Mod Agency Insiders Facebook Group Watch this snippet of Mandy’s interview with Nathan Hirsch of FreeeUp above and get tips and tricks for hiring and finding the best freelance marketers for your business. If you are a digital agency owner, chances are at some point in your career you’ve had to do it all. Manage finances, oversee marketing campaigns and launch lead generation efforts to name a few. But the truth is, working this way is not sustainable and often leads to burnout. A better solution? Hiring quality, remote talent without ever leaving your home office and without a hefty payroll. Nathan Hirsch, outsourcing expert and co-founder of freelance platform FreeeUp, joined our founder and CEO Mandy McEwen inside our free Facebook group to share his tips and tricks on how to find and hire freelance marketers. Discover Nathan’s top 5 […]

As a new business owner, you get used to doing everything yourself. But as you begin to scale your business, that mindset can hinder your growth. You always end up losing money when you manage the day-to-day projects yourself because you can’t focus on the big-picture aspects of growing your actual agency. That’s why I turned to outsourcing. By leveraging outsourcing to scale your business, you can work on those big-picture tasks and stop worrying about the day-to-day activities that slow you down and drain your energy. Discover how I help startup agencies scale by leveraging strategic outsourcing in my free video training: Brandy Shares How Mod Outsource Masters Helped Her Scale Her Business With Mod Outsource Masters, Brandy discovered how you can leverage outsourcing to scale your agency. She began implementing the strategies and resources she gained from the program and quickly began to achieve her growth goals. Discover how […]