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8 Ways To Find More Buying Customers On Twitter

1. Start with a strong profile.

First impressions are everything — in person and on social media. Your profile should clearly list your products, services and qualifications. At-a-glance, users should see your physical location (if applicable) and a link to your website. Make sure the “type of business” listed accurately reflects your core offerings. Use the “pin” function to place a tweet at the top of your profile that highlights a special offer you’d like to promote, be it a free eBook, relevant case study, product sale or demo trial. Include eye-catching, professional photos that reflect your offerings and/or corporate culture.

2. Search prospect bios.

Once your site looks presentable, you can discover potential buyers who have defined themselves by keywords or geographic location. ManageFlitter is a good tool to help you accomplish this task. Once you discover relevant profiles, you can choose to follow or add them to your network or add them to a private Twitter list.

manageflitter twitter account search

ManageFlitter’s Twitter Account Search

3. Monitor posts in real-time.

A Twitter search can help you research the pain points and needs of your constituents. Often, following your prospects’ day-to-day interactions to intervene with the right solution at the right time is the key to making a sale on Twitter. As KLA Group summarizes, “Twitter isn’t just about sharing quirky thoughts and photos.”

Social Media Examiner recommends creating a free account at If This Then That. Then go through the following steps to start monitoring conversations in real time:

  • – Select Twitter as a “trigger channel.”
  • – Choose “New Tweet From Search” as the trigger.
  • – Enter your best Twitter keyword search term that has led to past purchases.
  • – Select your method of notification, be it an instant email or Gmail notification.
  • – Name your IFTTT “recipe” and activate it.
  • – Continue creating similar recipes for additional search terms.

find customers on twitter ifttt

4. Organize prospective buyers into lists.

Twitter lists are another way to monitor discussions and segment potential customers. A tool like Audisense can really help you out. Set up a private Twitter list to get started. Use the Rule Builder function within Audisense to specify a series of automated actions based on set criteria. For instance, you could:

  • – Automatically add a new follower to a Twitter list based on location or user bio info.
  • – Send a tweet (using alternating scripts) to welcome new followers.
  • – Add tags to remember to respond to any brand mentions.
  • – Add “supporter” tags when someone adds you to a Twitter list.

5. Use automated software like Socedo to find your ideal customers.

Which Twitter users are most likely to make a purchase? That’s where the real bread-and-butter lies. Premium tool Socedo has a 14-day free trial, and is well worth the expense for many marketers. Within the program, you can create searches for multiple keyword phrases found within specific tweets and Twitter bios. Automated options let you favorite tweets matching your criteria, following users who make relevant tweets, or even automating messaging.

Socedo Overview Video

6. Deliver useful content.

Twitter detective work is only half the battle. You also have to draw people to your page as you would with any website — by delivering timely, relevant and useful content. Prospects will respond by opening their pocketbooks once they come to know more about your offerings, grow to trust you and note that you have the solution to their most pressing issues. Be sure your tweets contain direct language with a strong call to action. “Useful” content may include well-researched blog posts, ebooks, buying guides, product comparisons, reviews, infographics, charts, videos and coupons. Aim for this ratio: 70% “meaty” content for readers to digest, 20% shared content from other credible sources, and 10% marketing/promotional “fluff.”

7. Be consistent.

Keep your Twitter profile updated as often as people will tolerate. Publishing at the same days, times and intervals keeps your brand name popping up, builds trust and makes you more available to close the deal whenever prospects may be ready. As a general rule of thumb, you want to post unique and original content at least once a week to maintain your audience. A tool like Sprout Social can help you schedule your social media posts ahead of time, so you never miss an opportunity.

8. Create a sense of urgency, excitement and clarity.

Research shows that 20% of Twitter users who “favorite” or “share” something on the site will buy it within 24 hours. This can be facilitated by encouraging an immediate purchase with limited-time sales offers, coupons, contests, and raffles.

More so than Facebook or Pinterest, surveyed Twitter users said they were influenced to purchase on the site because it “identified where to purchase” an item or service of interest; so clarify where and how customers can make the purchase, eliminating all the guesswork and clinching the deal.

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