Using Google AdWords to Attract More Agency Clients

Attract More Agency Clients

When it comes to Google AdWords™, you have lots of options to customize your promotions to reach your specific target market and attract more agency clients.

But for many marketing entrepreneurs, Google AdWords can be a bit intimidating – and many struggle to see results because they don’t understand how to make the ads work for them. That’s why I was excited to have paid advertising expert Charles Kirkland join me for a Facebook Live training and Q&A video, available exclusively to members of Mod Agency Insiders.

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Attract More Agency Clients With Google AdWords

Watch a snippet of my latest Facebook Live with paid advertising expert Charles Kirkland below to discover how to attract more agency clients with Google AdWords.

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Once you join, you can watch the full video AND grab the free Google AdWords training presentation Charles created here.

Charles Kirkland, founder of Kirkland Media Group, Media Buyer Association, and Trinity Marketing Agency, is a Google Adwords expert and an active member of Mod Agency Insiders. He has successfully launched and grown 3 businesses throughout his nearly 20 years in the industry.

He joined me for an hour-long live training and Q&A video inside Mod Agency Insiders, where we discussed:

  • – Why Google AdWords is a great option for digital marketing agency owners
  • – How to understand your paid ad analytics
  • – Why it’s important to niche down to attract more agency clients
  • – The best ways to choose keywords for your Google AdWords
  • – Tips and tricks for creating effective ads on a budget

Ready for even more? For a limited time, you can join Charles’ Google Growth Master Class to discover the shortcuts to building your business using paid traffic.

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