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Anyone who owns a business understands that there are countless opportunities to make money and grow the company during the course of a day. Who has time to sit around and wait a month or more for digital marketing strategies to gain traction? It can be disheartening to do so much work today, but see little to no results tomorrow. Luckily, there are many ultra-modern marketing tools designed to turbocharge your efforts, deliver immediate impact and scale your business. As marketing consultants, we specialize in sharing these resources with growing companies like yours. Feel free to contact us to discuss which tools would benefit your particular business the most or check out our list of favorites below…

Marketing Fast-Track: 8 Of Our Favorite Growth-Hacking Tools

1. Hatchbuck helps small and mid-sized businesses automate basic tasks like form management, audience segmentation, and drip email campaigns.

This Tool Is For You If: You are looking to generate more leads from your website, start tracking customer preferences, automate personalized email campaigns and nurture existing leads.

2. Hotjar is a tool designed for progressive businesses that want to improve their site’s user experience.

This Tool Is For You If: You want to conduct usability and conversion tests, view visitor data, and see heat maps of the “hottest” areas on your website according to audience interaction.

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3. Zapier is an essential tool for the business that has a lot of apps running at once. You can streamline your day-to-day processes among up to 500 apps to automate more of your business.

This Tool Is For You If: You want to alleviate busy work, manage data better, improve productivity and save time.

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4. attaches a custom URL and call-to-action button to every social media share. When social media followers click “read more,” they’ll be taken to your website. As an added bonus, you also receive valuable analytics data on how people are interacting with your messages!

This Tool Is For You If: You want to see the payoff of your social media marketing, you need better lead conversion, and you want to direct more traffic to a particular landing page.

5. Lead Pages is one of our most used tools when we need to create professional landing pages in a hurry. With over 70 templates to choose from, you’ll never get bored.

This Tool Is For You If: You want better converting landing pages, you need quick opt-ins for blog entries, you want to see statistics for landing page conversions, or you want to create professional-looking opt-ins for your website.

6. Click Funnels is a great way to get a new business off the ground with website building and hosting, a landing page builder, email automation, A/B testing, opt-in form builder, and more.

This Tool Is For You If: You’re looking for “LeadPages on steroids”, you have a lot of ground to cover and want a robust tool that can accomplish many website development tasks, or you need to get started with marketing automation in general very quickly.

7. BuzzSumo analyzes your top content, keywords, competitors, and influencers to give you a better idea of what is working in your favor.

This Tool Is For You If: You want to create a results-oriented strategy or improve your current content strategy, and get a sense of what topics you should focus your content on.


8. Outbrain is a must-have tool for marketers who want to get into re-marketing and maximize their content investment by promoting old blog posts across multiple sites.

This Tool Is For You If: You want to continue reaping rewards from content that has delivered high quality leads in the past and you’re interested in using re-marketing as a tool for growth.

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