While the craft of creating a good video ad is definitely a form of art, you might be surprised to know that there is a method to the madness. By now we’ve seen enough video marketing experiments and run enough tests to confidently conclude what works and what does not. Instead of keeping the formula to ourselves, we decided to share the 6 cardinal rules of creating winning videos so you can get a head start when creating video ads for your business. To illustrate the process, we will use examples from a fictitious business looking to create a fictitious promo video for a fictitious audience. The lesson, however, is anything but fiction. Step 1: Set a clear goal The first step in the creation process is setting an explicit goal. To avoid convoluting your message and confusing your viewers, it’s SUPER important that each video only has a single goal. […]

Owning a website is a bit like parenting: a lot of people are doing it, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy! Sure, you can have a website that’s holding your place online if people search your business name. But why settle for that, when you can have a website that is actively reaching out to new prospects and converting leads into sales, while you sleep? This is not the dreams of shysters and hucksters the world over… it’s a reality for people who are attuned to modern digital marketing tools designed to make life much, much easier. You’ve been doing it alone far too long. Let us lift some of the load off your plate with these 8 ways to convert your website into a profit-generating machine.  8 Marketing Tools to Convert Your Website into a Profit-Generating Machine  1. Snip.ly Snip.ly helps you increase conversions by social media content share optimization. Here’s how: – […]

Perhaps the most endearing quality of the Internet is that it’s “the great leverager”. In other words: whether your business is teeny-tiny or gargantuan, you have the same search engine access. You don’t necessarily have to “pay to play” as you do in so many other advertising channels. With all the free Search Engine Optimization tools out there, you just need to keep an ear to the ground to know what they are and invest a little time into getting to know them. Here are eight tools and processes that have been real game-changers for our clients. 8 (Mostly Free) SEO Tools To Improve Your Website Performance 1. Improve your keyword research with Übersuggest. Übersuggest is a terrific tool for developing better long-tail phrases. As you know, the Google Keyword Tool can help you find ideas, but it’s not 100% accurate and it’s far from complete. Keep in mind that 0 searches […]

There is so much marketing technology out there, it’s easy to lose your mind thinking about it. Yet, it is worth your while to invest in something — not just because everyone else is doing it and you’ll be more “competitive” that way, but because it will free up time and make your past, present and future content much more efficient. Efficiency means a greater return on your investment and better rapport with your audience. Who doesn’t want that? Here are eight ways we help our clients use the latest technology to market smarter.

Anyone who owns a business understands that there are countless opportunities to make money and grow the company during the course of a day. Who has time to sit around and wait a month or more for digital marketing strategies to gain traction? It can be disheartening to do so much work today, but see little to no results tomorrow. Luckily, there are many ultra-modern marketing tools designed to turbocharge your efforts, deliver immediate impact and scale your business. As marketing consultants, we specialize in sharing these resources with growing companies like yours. Feel free to contact us to discuss which tools would benefit your particular business the most or check out our list of favorites below… Marketing Fast-Track: 8 Of Our Favorite Growth-Hacking Tools 1. Hatchbuck helps small and mid-sized businesses automate basic tasks like form management, audience segmentation, and drip email campaigns. This Tool Is For You If: You are looking […]