8 Marketing Tools to Convert Your Website into a Profit-Generating Machine

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Owning a website is a bit like parenting: a lot of people are doing it, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy! Sure, you can have a website that’s holding your place online if people search your business name. But why settle for that, when you can have a website that is actively reaching out to new prospects and converting leads into sales, while you sleep? This is not the dreams of shysters and hucksters the world over… it’s a reality for people who are attuned to modern digital marketing tools designed to make life much, much easier. You’ve been doing it alone far too long. Let us lift some of the load off your plate with these 8 ways to convert your website into a profit-generating machine.

8 Marketing Tools to Convert Your Website into a Profit-Generating Machine 

1. Snip.ly

Snip.ly helps you increase conversions by social media content share optimization.

Here’s how:

  • – Visual call-to-action buttons
  • – Email capture forms
  • – Custom themes, colors and domains
  • – A/B testing, conversion pixels and analytics data

Pricing starts at $29/month, with three options to choose from.

build profitable website - sniply

Snip.ly Pricing – January 2017

2. Start A Fire

Start A Fire ensures that you promote your brand with every post — even if you’re sharing someone else’s link.

Here’s how:

  • – Design branded badges to include with linked content
  • – Automatically add content recommendations to shared links

With no cost to the user, how can you go wrong? There is also a premium version for agencies.

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3. Thrive Leads

Build a more profitable mailing list with the Thrive Leads plugin for WordPress.

Here’s how:

  • – Design better opt-ins within an easy drag-and-drop interface
  • – Trigger highly targeted offers based on visitor activity
  • – Animate parts of your forms
  • – Find alternatives to annoying pop-up ads
  • – A/B test for better conversion potential
  • – View reports of the most relevant metrics to see where your leads come from and how your forms perform

The price starts as low as $67/year for a single site, with two other options for scaling up based on your needs.

build profitable website - thrive leads

Thrive Leads Pricing – January 2017

4. Hotjar

We use Hotjar to improve user experience (UX) on the websites we manage.

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Here’s how:

  • – Conduct usability and conversion tests
  • – Discover places where content gets lost on visitors
  • – See visual heat maps of the most engaging areas on your website

The basic plan is free. There are two other plans for startups and growing businesses.

5. Pay With a Tweet

Capitalize off referral marketing and turn more visitors into brand ambassadors.

Here’s how:

  • – Offer exclusive discounts for customers who tweet on your behalf.
  • – Create incentives for people to talk about your business — a download, video, picture, document, podcast, etc.
  • – Check important statistics regarding traffic, impressions, clicks and shares.

There is a free version and a business version of the program.

6. Hubspot LeadIn

Gain insight into how visitors are interacting with your site, so you can convert them into customers.

Here’s how:

  • – Get real-time data on what a person does on your site after he or she enters an email into the opt-in form.
  • – Receive flags when prospects view your offerings or pricing structure, so you know when it’s time to close.
  • – Design contact forms and opt-ins (or use the ones you’ve already created elsewhere.)
  • – See a timeline of a person’s interactions with your site, even if they have left and returned later.

This tool is available for the best price: free!

7. Raven Tools

Get a robust picture of what’s happening with your marketing campaigns across sites.

Here’s how:

  • – Gather data mashups from 100+ sources, including Moz and Majestic.
  • – Get insight regarding your website’s health, quality score, link traffic and authority sources.
  • – See how your site stacks up compared to key competitors in your industry and market.
  • – Check out social media performance trends and identify areas of opportunity.

build profitable website raven tools

Raven Tools Pricing- January 2017

8. Hatchbuck

Tap a powerful all-in-one marketing automation platform that will help you connect, engage and grow.

Here’s how:

  • – Build online forms using a drag-and-drop interface
  • – Create email newsletters using professional templates
  • – Manage your contacts, score your leads and create drip marketing campaigns
  • – Track visitor webpage statistics, email interactions and the sales pipeline process
  • – Optimize your marketing campaigns for mobile users

Prices start at $59/month, with several other plans based on the number of contacts in your database.

build profitable website hatchbuck

Hatchbuck Pricing – January 2017

How is your website’s profitability?

Take the Website Profit Quiz to find out if you’re leaving money on the table. You’ll also gain actionable insights you can put to use right away to make your website work harder!

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