Search engine optimization is one of the key components of a successful online business. By implementing the best SEO practices, you can optimize your website optimally for both search engines as well as users. From the search engine point of view, SEO makes the task of indexing a website easier for search engine robots, resulting in a faster and accurate index. This, in turn, helps drive more traffic to your site while improving the site’s ranking position in the SERPs. From a user perspective, SEO helps improve website performance, leading to enhanced user experience. But, search engine optimization can be tricky for newbies and beginners. This is because it consists of on-page and off-page techniques that are constantly evolving with each new Google update, and algorithm changes. If you are not aware of these latest updates & trends, then you are bound to make mistakes that could prove costly for […]

SEO marketing and content go hand-in-hand when it comes to building a successful content marketing strategy. What is SEO marketing? Put plainly, it is any marketing you do in order to increase your search engine rankings and drive traffic to your site. But it requires a fine balance of writing for machines and writing for your prospective clients. On one hand, you have to create a technical structure for your content that satisfies search engine standards for ranking. On the other hand, content must be readable for your intended audience. If you want actual conversions, you have to consider your target marketing strategy, and write for your readers — your human readers. SEO marketing has to take all of these things into consideration, but there’s another important element that many marketers fail to plan for properly — the marketing sales funnel. You should be creating content for each stage of […]

Many misconceptions about blog SEO persist. Marketers assume that they shouldn’t bother with keywords anymore because Google algorithm creators have emphasized using natural, organic language rather than “keyword-stuffing.” They feel that meta data isn’t worth their time or that backlinking is for spam-bots. None of this is true, but we can see what leads people to these conclusions, with so many alarmist headlines that “SEO is dead.” As a consultancy that gets FAST, impressive, clean results for our clients, we can tell you that assertion is completely untrue and there are, in fact, 8 things you can do to your blog posts to get them to perform better in search.

Perhaps the most endearing quality of the Internet is that it’s “the great leverager”. In other words: whether your business is teeny-tiny or gargantuan, you have the same search engine access. You don’t necessarily have to “pay to play” as you do in so many other advertising channels. With all the free Search Engine Optimization tools out there, you just need to keep an ear to the ground to know what they are and invest a little time into getting to know them. Here are eight tools and processes that have been real game-changers for our clients. 8 (Mostly Free) SEO Tools To Improve Your Website Performance 1. Improve your keyword research with Übersuggest. Übersuggest is a terrific tool for developing better long-tail phrases. As you know, the Google Keyword Tool can help you find ideas, but it’s not 100% accurate and it’s far from complete. Keep in mind that 0 searches […]

The Search Engine Optimization industry has seen its fair share of negative press over the years, with some commentators claiming SEO is in “a sad state” or that SEO is just entirely “dead.” Despite these dramatic proclamations, we both know that obtaining first page search engine results is still a necessary goal — and there are still plenty of ways to accomplish this goal, even if your website is currently listed somewhere bordering on “virtual obscurity.” A study conducted by Moz a couple years ago found that all SEO firms contacted were fully committed to using ethical, sustainable practices to help their clients achieve top results and that more than half of those surveyed seemed fairly competent in their knowledge. So you needn’t fear outsourcing some of these tasks to an SEO consultant or company. For more than a decade, Mod Girl’s SEO consultants have helped businesses secure thousands of […]

If you’re a “glass half full” type person, you know the Google Answer Box represents a huge marketing opportunity for your business. If you tend to be a more “glass half empty” type person, you are likely still struggling with how to overcome the SEO challenges to make the Google Answer Box work for you. Either way, we feel your pain. The world of Search Engine Optimization is always throwing us marketers another curve ball. We’ve tinkered around enough over the last couple of years to know these 8 optimization techniques work to get businesses top positioning in the Google Quick Answers box, so give them a whirl and enjoy the fantastic results! [clickToTweet tweet=”Learn #8Ways to Make the #Google Answer Box Work for You” quote=”Learn 8 Ways to Make the Google Answer Box Work for You” theme=”style3″] 8 Ways To Optimize For The Google Answer Box 1. Implement schema […]

For a team of dedicated marketers who eat, sleep and breathe all matters of Search Engine Optimization, it feels like we’ve been preaching the same list of “SEO Don’ts” for the last few years. Yet, for a business with so many different moving parts in the marketing machine to track, it’s easy to see how some of this stuff can fall off the radar. Usually the issues do not fully come to light until organic search traffic starts to fall off and clients call us to fix it. That’s what we’re here for, after all — to keep your company fresh and up-to-date in the search engines and remaining competitive, despite whatever craziness the webmasters at Google and other search engines want to throw our way. Here are eight common SEO mistakes we find and what you can do to avoid them in 2017… [clickToTweet tweet=”Don’t settle for mediocre search […]

Like the medical field, the business of Search Engine Optimization requires constant vigilance to the latest techniques. Just as you wouldn’t want someone operating on you who hadn’t received any additional training since graduating from medical school decades ago, you wouldn’t want someone writing your copy who has been using the same old tactics and techniques since 1999. [Tweet “#8Ways your writing has fallen prey to #SEO copywriting myths.”] In the past, writers were trained in a host of tricks designed to capture search engine attention. The end result was poorly-written pages crammed with nonsensical keyword phrases, link farm pages and text that earned websites top positions but held no value for the reader. Consider this infographic on the history of SEO copywriting created by Express Writers:   Image Source: Search engine developers have gotten wise to many of the old-school tactics, but not every copywriter has updated his or […]

The decision to hire an SEO expert is the easy part, especially when your website is not bringing in the level of traffic you want or growing exponentially over time. Stagnation happens to the best of us, but usually occurs when a company is not progressive enough about adapting to changes in search algorithms and evolving trends. Frankly, keeping up with the times is a BIG job! That’s why finding a dedicated SEO consultant can be the biggest asset to your digital marketing team. Yet, this industry in particular tends to attract a lot of fly-by-night type people who look for ways to deliver quick results, without doing a whole lot of work. Unlike other industries that have certifying bodies or industry standards, there is no such animal for SEO. It is up to “buyer beware” to recognize and avoid “black hat tactics” that hurt search engine placement and brand reputation […]

Organic SEO is still a leading strategy for digital marketing in 2015. Many of the SEO techniques we’ve been using for years are still worthy of our marketing dollars — blogging, social media, and inbound marketing — for example. Yet, the way we look at these old methods may be a little different. – Effective blogging requires more than just paraphrasing the news of the day, throwing in a few keywords, and linking to another site; you’ll need to become a proven “thought leader” and answer people’s most pressing questions. – Social media will not just be a dumping grounds for blog posts, but a place where you look for prospects who are talking about your products or services and connect with them in real-time. – Linking will focus on seeking quality, branded citations, rather than just throwing your URL down in the comments section of a blog. Today, we discuss 8 SEO […]