Complete List of SEO Mistakes To Avoid (Infographic) [Contributed Blog]

Search engine optimization is one of the key components of a successful online business. By implementing the best SEO practices, you can optimize your website optimally for both search engines as well as users. From the search engine point of view, SEO makes the task of indexing a website easier for search engine robots, resulting in a faster and accurate index. This, in turn, helps drive more traffic to your site while improving the site’s ranking position in the SERPs. From a user perspective, SEO helps improve website performance, leading to enhanced user experience.

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But, search engine optimization can be tricky for newbies and beginners. This is because it consists of on-page and off-page techniques that are constantly evolving with each new Google update, and algorithm changes. If you are not aware of these latest updates & trends, then you are bound to make mistakes that could prove costly for your business. Worse yet, these redundant or black-hat SEO techniques can get your site penalized if not rectified post-haste.

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Knowing what SEO mistakes to avoid is as important as learning about the latest SEO trends. Thus, here is a complete list of SEO mistakes that businesses make, which they need to rectify right now. Most of these mistakes are quite common such as broken links, slow website speed, poorly designed landing page, improper keyword research for targeted pages etc. These can affect the overall performance of your website.

Thus, check out the infographic below to know what these mistakes are. Likewise, you can also refer to this complete SEO mistakes guide that shows you exactly how to rectify these mistakes easily. The best part, for future reference, you can also download or print this infographic for FREE.

So, go ahead and take a look, and start with optimizing your website right away!

25+ Common SEO Mistakes That Are Killing Your Website [Infographic] by the team at HostingCluesCommon SEO Mistakes Infogrpahic

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