What makes content appealing to business clients? Which tactics should you be using? How are successful content marketing strategies formed? We’ve got all the answers for you in this week’s post! Want to learn how to generate leads for your B2B company using LinkedIn – without spending any money on ads? Register now for our free Mod Masterclass: How to Land 5 – 8 New Leads Per Day Using LinkedIn: Mod Girl Marketing specializes in helping business professionals create a B2B content marketing plan that furthers business goals and yields ROI. Naturally, we’re closely following this important trend report from Marketing Profs and The Content Marketing Institute, as well as what B2B content marketing trends other industry thought leaders are predicting for the year.   Top 8 B2B Content Marketing Trends: [Tweet “8 #B2B Content Marketing Trends to Consider #infographic”] Trend #1: Documented content marketing strategies It takes more than a few […]