Thinking about a website redesign to kick off the New Year with a new face for your business? Consumers have confirmed the importance of a well-designed B2B website time and time again. In fact, 75% of website users admit to making a judgement about the company’s credibility based on their website design. Image Source Having a well-designed, mobile-friendly, easy to navigate website is a must for business owners today. Discover 8 common reasons why you might need a website redesign below. Is your website causing you to lose potential clients? Find out if you’re making some of these common website mistakes by taking our free quiz today. 8 Reasons Your B2B Website Needs a Redesign: 1. Your website isn’t as responsive as it could be. People have certain expectations when arriving at your site. They want to navigate from page to page instantaneously. They want to find the information they’re looking for at […]

Did you know that roughly 60% of graphic designers are women? So why is it we never hear about them? Well, it seems the design aspect is just one piece of the web design pie. It’s a rarer bird to find a woman who excels in back-end programming, as well as arts. Only 3% of computer programmers are women. Of course one doesn’t need to be an expert computer programmer to design a website, but basic knowledge of coding (HMTL, CSS, PHP, etc) is a must. It may be a relatively male-dominated industry, but here are 8 female web designers that rock! 1. Kate Bingaman-Burt We love Kate’s playful hand-drawn illustrations and emphasis on typography. It’s no wonder the Museum of Modern Art, NY Times, Etsy, Target, Microsoft and VH-1 have all tapped her expertise. In addition to freelancing, Kate also teaches design at Portland State University. Follow Kate on Twitter: @katebingburt […]