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Creating a growth strategy for your digital agency is vital to your success, but all too often, agency owners don’t know where to start.

When I founded Mod Girl Marketing in 2010, I frequently said “yes” to the wrong clients. I wasted time and effort on lead generation strategies that didn’t work, and I took way too long to hire my first freelancer, trying to do it all myself.

Now that we’ve grown Mod Girl® into a thriving agency with high-quality leads coming in every day, I’m passionate about helping others like me who are trying to find the right business growth strategies to scale their agencies.

Part of how I do that is through my live Mod Lead Gen Masterclass, where I teach B2B consultants, entrepreneurs, and business owners how to land 5 – 8 leads per DAY using LinkedIn.

In this free training, I outline the exact strategy I used to land Mod Girl Marketing $200,000 in new clients in only 30 days – without advertising.

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Business Growth Strategy

Discussing Agency Growth Strategy Tips with Jason Swenk

Jason Swenk is an agency growth guru and a friend of mine. The other day I invited him to join me in our Facebook community, Mod Agency Insiders, for a live interview to share some of his best business growth strategies with our members.

I talked to him about how he grew his agency into a multi-million dollar operation and then sold it in 2012 for 8-figures. In our 30 minute interview, Jason and I talked about:

  • Attracting high paying clients
  • Selling (and actually closing) those high paying clients
  • Deciding what to specialize in (both industries and services)
  • Avoiding scope creep
  • Prioritizing your time to focus on business growth strategies
  • …and much more!

What I love about Jason is that he’s the real deal. When I first worked with him several years ago, I could tell instantly that he was genuine and passionate about helping entrepreneurs.

That’s why I decided to invest in his resources myself, and why I recommend his Jumpstart My Agency Program to agency owners looking for growth strategies that work.

You can watch the full interview in our group Mod Agency Insiders.

To Grow Your Business, Know Who You Want to Help

During our interview, Jason spoke about the importance of finding your niche and then showing the value you can bring them. “I position myself as Yoda – as the advisor instead of the hero,” he says.

Your prospective clients don’t care about what you do – they care about how you can help them.

Watch a 2 minute clip of our interview below, where Jason discusses how you can make yourself stand apart from your competition by getting clarity on who you’re targeting and being genuine:

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