Your Client Onboarding Process with Karl Sakas [Facebook Group Interview]

client onboarding process

A good client onboarding process is essential when it comes to growing a successful business. However, many entrepreneurs tend to ignore this important operational task.

As a creative entrepreneur, client onboarding isn’t my favorite thing to spend time on, and I’m guilty of forgoing a formal process for it for years when I first started Mod Girl Marketing. However, I quickly realized that I was wasting time and my business was losing money by lacking this process.

According to management consultant (and client onboarding pro) Karl Sakas, “Agencies struggle with client onboarding because it’s a transition point. You might have a sales process and a client delivery process, but you often don’t have a system to ensure a smooth hand-off: a client onboarding process.”

This is a problem I faced at the beginning and one I see many marketing entrepreneurs struggle with today. So I invited Karl to join me for a live interview in my Facebook group for marketing entrepreneurs, Mod Agency Insiders, where we discussed how to upgrade your client onboarding process to scale your business.

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Client Onboarding Tips with Karl Sakas

Karl Sakas is an author, executive coach, and management consultant at Sakas & Company. He has advised agencies in 6 continents on operations, strategy, and leadership, and has been involved in digital marketing since the mid-90’s.

He’s also the author of Made to Lead, The In-Demand Marketing Agency, and hundreds of articles on agency management. I’ve read one of his books and many of his articles throughout the years I’ve known him, and know he’s the real deal when it comes to digital agency management and growth.

'Agencies struggle with client onboarding because it's a transition point. You might have a sales process and a client delivery process, but you often don't have a system to ensure a smooth hand-off: a client onboarding process.' -Karl SakasClick To Tweet

In our hour-long interview, exclusive to members of my Facebook group Mod Agency Insiders, Karl Sakas and I discussed:

  • Why client onboarding is a struggle
  • Karl’s biggest mistake as a project manager and why he realized he needed a good onboarding process
  • 3 key components of the client onboarding process
  • …and much more!

We also answered common questions business owners have on the client onboarding process, which were submitted by the marketing entrepreneurs in Mod Agency Insiders.

To watch the full interview, join our Facebook group Mod Agency Insiders today. Request access now to join!

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Client Onboarding Best Practices

You can watch a snippet of our interview in the video below:

To get more in-depth into Karl’s process, check out the full interview in the Mod Agency Insiders Facebook Group, where Karl Sakas shared the 3 key components to a successful client onboarding process:

  1. Create a great client experience
  2. Set and enforce boundaries with your client
  3. Secure the logistics

He also shared a free resource exclusive to the Mod Girl community: a workbook on how to grow your agency through client onboarding and a 20-page ebook on creating a client onboarding process.

Grab your copy of Karl’s free gift here!

onboarding best practices Karl Sakas

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