As a growing agency, it can be difficult to balance lead generation with client deliverables. In order to deliver top-notch work, you may not always be as focused as you should on drumming up new business. And when you do have the time to focus on finding new leads, it’s confusing to know where to focus your efforts. Want to know what the most under-tapped lead generation method is? Your existing network! This is a snippet from my weekly Mastermind sessions I host for my Remote Agency Society members. As entrepreneurs, we’re so busy being pulled in a million directions that we tend to underestimate the power of our existing networks. Many of the contacts in your network include relationships that you’ve been building for years. With people who know and like you! A lead really doesn’t get more qualified than that. You never know who can introduce you to your next dream […]

When it comes to successful client-agency relationships, getting things started on the right foot is vital. But during our weekly Facebook Live sessions in Remote Agency Society, lots of our members tell me the same thing: that they’re afraid they’re going to sound too “salesy” during a phone consultation with a prospective agency client. And sounding like a sleazy car salesperson is definitely not the way to start successful client-agency relationships! As digital agency owners and marketing consultants, we need to pitch prospective clients – otherwise we would go out of business! But you should never sound “salesy” – because you’re coming from a consultative approach of genuinely caring. Discover how you should approach your next phone call with a prospective client below. How to Start All Client-Agency Relationships Hint: It doesn’t start with an annoying sales pitch! Watch the video below to discover the 1 thing all client-agency relationships need […]

A good client onboarding process is essential when it comes to growing a successful business. However, many entrepreneurs tend to ignore this important operational task. As a creative entrepreneur, client onboarding isn’t my favorite thing to spend time on, and I’m guilty of forgoing a formal process for it for years when I first started Mod Girl Marketing. However, I quickly realized that I was wasting time and my business was losing money by lacking this process. According to management consultant (and client onboarding pro) Karl Sakas, “Agencies struggle with client onboarding because it’s a transition point. You might have a sales process and a client delivery process, but you often don’t have a system to ensure a smooth hand-off: a client onboarding process.” This is a problem I faced at the beginning and one I see many marketing entrepreneurs struggle with today. So I invited Karl to join me […]

The internet brings people together from all over the world — especially potential team members. At Mod Girl Marketing, I decided to create an all virtual team so that we could hire the best, no matter where they are. But managing virtual teams isn’t always easy. Though more and more companies now allow employees to work remotely, either full-time or for part of their work week, others, such as IBM, are ending the work-from-anywhere policy altogether. Still, remote teams are common among digital agencies, and with good reason. Managing virtual teams composed of freelancers allows you to scale faster without necessarily adding to your payroll, hiring people to address specific needs in your company for just a few hours a week if needed. Plus, with clients often expecting a quick turnaround on their projects, having team members from all over the world can really make a difference. But when you’re managing virtual teams, […]

eMarketer reports that 1.4 billion people interacted with a mobile phone messaging app in 2015. Though originally all communication was done manually, and often between friends, businesses are increasingly taking advantage of the opportunity to respond to customers automatically through Facebook chatbot and other messaging apps. Consider the fact that 56% of customers would prefer customer service issues being handled over chat than by phone. Chatbots allow people to get the information they want, when they want it – right away. And as more B2B marketing agencies adopt the technology, it’s important to consider how you can use it to better serve your clients, too. By 2019, an estimated 1.75 billion people will be using messaging apps – that’s one-fourth of the world’s population!  And chatbots can be used for much more than just customer service. A digital agency can use them to promote recent content, for example, or to […]

In the beginning, many digital agencies are able to grow with ease. Maybe you start with one client, then get a few referrals and leads, and before you know it you’ve got a steady stream of income. But at some point, this steady stream turns into a plateau and your agency stops growing. There can be a number of different reasons why your digital agency growth has stagnated. Fortunately, once you identify the reasons for this, you can make a few changes and prevent your doors from closing. Here are 8 reasons your digital agency has stopped growing and what you can do it fix it. 1. You Haven’t Found Your Niche Is your digital agency “the best at everything?’ While this may seem appealing, in some cases, it could be doing your digital agency more harm than good. In order to find true success, your digital agency should focus […]

There’s no question: starting a new digital marketing agency – or scaling one you’ve managed for years – is challenging. What services will you offer? How will you write a proposal, or close a deal? Who is your ideal client? How will you price your services? Where do you even start? When I founded Mod Girl Marketing in 2010, I had these exact same questions. I spent hours on Google, trying to find templates that I would then have to completely overhaul to fit my needs. I paid thousands of dollars to take courses that promised to teach me all of the “marketing secrets.” It was slow and frustrating, but over time I amassed and perfected an arsenal of tools that we now use every day at Mod Girl®. Now, I want to share these resources with you. Watch the video below to see how the Mod Agency Bundles can […]

Running a digital marketing agency can be tough. Your clients will pull you in different directions, your team will need nurturing, management, and leadership, and you’ll be sure to come across different hurdles and challenges you’ll need to overcome. Unfortunately, there is no magic recipe for creating a thriving, growing agency. Even the most prosperous industry leaders have no universal formula of success. However, there are some things you can do (and avoid!) in order to survive the ever-changing digital landscape. If you are looking to survive in the digital marketing world, take these top 10 do’s and don’ts into consideration. [clickToTweet tweet=”Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts to Succeed in the #DigitalMarketing Industry” quote=”Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts to Succeed in the Digital Marketing Industry” theme=”style3″] 1. DO: Walk the Walk If you’re selling your marketing services to other companies, you need to demonstrate you know what you’re doing by marketing […]