At Mod Girl, we field a number of requests from successful healthcare professionals who have great offline success, but online efforts that fall short of their expectations. They have heard about using healthcare email marketing with automation software to put some of their day-to-day marketing tasks on autopilot, but they’re not sure how to get started. We help plastic surgeons and healthcare companies identify their needs and select the right healthcare email marketing provider, in addition to providing consulting for the development and maintenance of growth strategies. The right email automation strategy can help your practice with lead generation, conversion, relationship management, and more. Discover 8 ways healthcare email marketing can help you grow your practice below. Image Source 8 Ways Healthcare Email Marketing Can Help You Grow Your Practice 1. Marketing automation addresses many of your biggest pain points. Running a busy practice (and running it well) takes up an enormous amount […]

eMarketer reports that 1.4 billion people interacted with a mobile phone messaging app in 2015. Though originally all communication was done manually, and often between friends, businesses are increasingly taking advantage of the opportunity to respond to customers automatically through Facebook chatbot and other messaging apps. Consider the fact that 56% of customers would prefer customer service issues being handled over chat than by phone. Chatbots allow people to get the information they want, when they want it – right away. And as more B2B marketing agencies adopt the technology, it’s important to consider how you can use it to better serve your clients, too. By 2019, an estimated 1.75 billion people will be using messaging apps – that’s one-fourth of the world’s population!  And chatbots can be used for much more than just customer service. A digital agency can use them to promote recent content, for example, or to […]

“Marketing automation” is a bit of a misnomer. There is no such thing as a truly “automated”, hands-off approach to internet marketing. Rather, marketing automation software is designed to semi-automate many aspects of a marketer’s day-to-day tasks and free up more time for an organization. For some businesses, marketing automation enables faster, easier email personalization, timely information dissemination, and lead nurturing. For other businesses, automation software is essential for processing, fulfilling, and tracking orders accurately and efficiently. Choosing the Right Marketing Automation Platform The first best practice of successful marketers is simply choosing the right platform for a particular organization. As of 2016, 49 percent of companies are using marketing software, while 98 percent of those who don’t currently have it are at least looking. Choosing a marketing automation platform is extremely difficult due to disparities in features and pricing structures that make comparing apples to apples nearly impossible. Beyond […]

One of the most common misconceptions about marketing automation is that the hard part is finding a vendor, but once the software is purchased, you can pretty much set it up and let it run itself. The truth is, the name “automation” is a bit of a misnomer. Like the early “self-driving car” prototypes, marketing automation will save you a tremendous amount of work, but you still need to have someone commanding the wheel to correct your course every now and then or prevent major marketing fails. Here are eight real world automation fails to look out for… Marketing Automation Fail #1: There Are No Clear Objectives Clear objectives are an important part of any marketing strategy, but when it comes to marketing automation, setting clear and decisive goals is crucial. Clear objectives will guide you when it comes to establishing, maintaining and improving your campaign over time. These goals will […]

  As of 2016, 49% of companies are using marketing automation software. This tells us two things: first, that those companies who do use marketing automation can still count it as a competitive advantage; and second, that confusion over platform offerings and pricing is likely still an impediment to more widespread adoption. There are so many marketing automation platforms right now that choosing a provider can be a real headache. Often, the pricing, features and customer service offerings are structured in such a way that makes it difficult to compare apples-to-apples. We’ve come up with a list of essential questions to ask providers before making a decision to switch over to a particular system. [clickToTweet tweet=”8 questions to ask marketing automation providers before you buy.” quote=”8 questions to ask marketing automation providers before you buy.” theme=”style3″] 1. What integration do you offer? Remember your ultimate goal is to consolidate systems to end up with a […]

Marketing Automation Software is still an extremely competitive market. Though there are a few big names out there, dozens of players are still grappling to capture market share. That’s why one of the most common questions for digital consultants is: “Which marketing automation platform should our company invest in??” Simply searching the most “popular” companies may not always be the best solution for SMBs because popularity is often gauged by sales revenue — which would be higher for more expensive platforms — or by number of customers — which would be higher for platforms targeted to large firms that need bulk licensing. [Tweet “Top 8 #MarketingAutomation Platforms Revealed. #8ways”] We really try to come up with customized solutions based on the individual needs of our clients instead of blanketed general advice since bigger companies are likely to have different needs than SMBs. However, you may find it helpful to at least […]

Marketing automation is a crucial need. Business owners understand that marketing automation is the key to improving lead management and company growth. They know that software will help with email marketing, lead tracking, drip campaigns and sales follow-up. Yet, where to get started and how to ameliorate the dreaded learning curve is something that many smart executives struggle with. A recent survey by Gartner’s Software Advice found that nearly half of small businesses still rely on manual data entry for their online marketing, but 98% are now shopping for marketing automation software. Many of the large, competitive businesses Mod Girl Marketing works with are already using marketing automation software by top firms like SaS, HubSpot, InfusionSoft, Salesforce, Marketo and Act-On, but are still learning how to get the most from these programs, particularly when it comes to lead generation. As you well know, modern marketing has evolved and targeted traffic is the key […]

A decade ago, marketers thought the best way to amass sales leads involved direct mailing campaigns, buying email lists, and paying for banner ads. Modern online marketing has evolved. We now know that it’s not good enough to simply cast a wide net and bring as many people to a website as possible. What good are prospects if they are only lingering on your site for a few seconds before going elsewhere to make a purchase? Targeted traffic is the key to a productive marketing campaign — finding people who are “soft sells”… people who are eager, interested, relatively ready to buy, and looking for reasons to overcome any last-minute reservations they may have. These people are also more likely to buy again when their needs are satisfied — and tell their friends about what a great experience they’ve had with your company. So, how does one accomplish all that? The […]