Christmas is just a week away! Can you believe it? Time has gone by so quickly this holiday sale season. Perhaps your numbers aren’t quite measuring up to what you’d hoped. That’s why we love online marketing so much. There is always room to tweak and improve marketing strategies to make immediate adjustments that can skyrocket sales literally overnight. Sometimes the best way to look forward is to first look backwards to see what lessons we can gather. Black Friday 2013 provides a number of helpful lessons that we can apply to our final holiday marketing pushes. 1. FACT: Budgets are smaller this year. This Black Friday weekend, consumers spent $1.7 billion less than they spent in 2012, according to the National Retail Federation. Perhaps your initial forecasting was a bit too optimistic. “There are some economic challenges that many Americans still face,” explained NRF chief executive Matthew Shay. The average […]

Black Friday is a day marketers dream about all year long. Shoppers are promised deep discounts as a reward for getting an early start on their Christmas Shopping. Retailers can then sleep easy at night for most of the holiday season, knowing that they’re “in the black” sooner – rather than later. One would think social media and Black Friday sales would be a match made in heaven. After all, what better way to find all the doorbuster sales than to hashtag #BlackFriday on Twitter, watch a few product demos on YouTube, or peruse your friend’s shopping activity on Facebook? It’s been exactly 1 week since Black Friday and the results are in… But alas, Black Friday 2012 was an EPIC FAIL. Here are 8 reasons why… 1.      The news headlines are driving home the notion that social media is useless in driving sales. Given the raw data from the […]