While the craft of creating a good video ad is definitely a form of art, you might be surprised to know that there is a method to the madness. By now we’ve seen enough video marketing experiments and run enough tests to confidently conclude what works and what does not. Instead of keeping the formula to ourselves, we decided to share the 6 cardinal rules of creating winning videos so you can get a head start when creating video ads for your business. To illustrate the process, we will use examples from a fictitious business looking to create a fictitious promo video for a fictitious audience. The lesson, however, is anything but fiction. Step 1: Set a clear goal The first step in the creation process is setting an explicit goal. To avoid convoluting your message and confusing your viewers, it’s SUPER important that each video only has a single goal. […]

Black Friday is a day marketers dream about all year long. Shoppers are promised deep discounts as a reward for getting an early start on their Christmas Shopping. Retailers can then sleep easy at night for most of the holiday season, knowing that they’re “in the black” sooner – rather than later. One would think social media and Black Friday sales would be a match made in heaven. After all, what better way to find all the doorbuster sales than to hashtag #BlackFriday on Twitter, watch a few product demos on YouTube, or peruse your friend’s shopping activity on Facebook? It’s been exactly 1 week since Black Friday and the results are in… But alas, Black Friday 2012 was an EPIC FAIL. Here are 8 reasons why… 1.      The news headlines are driving home the notion that social media is useless in driving sales. Given the raw data from the […]