8 Ways To Find More Buying Customers On Twitter 1. Start with a strong profile. First impressions are everything — in person and on social media. Your profile should clearly list your products, services and qualifications. At-a-glance, users should see your physical location (if applicable) and a link to your website. Make sure the “type of business” listed accurately reflects your core offerings. Use the “pin” function to place a tweet at the top of your profile that highlights a special offer you’d like to promote, be it a free eBook, relevant case study, product sale or demo trial. Include eye-catching, professional photos that reflect your offerings and/or corporate culture. 2. Search prospect bios. Once your site looks presentable, you can discover potential buyers who have defined themselves by keywords or geographic location. ManageFlitter is a good tool to help you accomplish this task. Once you discover relevant profiles, you […]

When Periscope launched at the end of March, it was pitched as an improvement over the static YouTube commenting feature. Instead of a passive experience where audiences posted comments and video creators checked and responded to feedback at their leisure, Periscope was a dynamic environment, allowing live broadcasts where viewers could comment, ask questions and join in the dialogue in real-time. Viewers send hearts as a form of “virtual applause” and creators receive “push notifications” as new viewers join, which is the equivalent of watching more people walk into the room and sit down for a presentation. The big question, of course, is: SO WHAT? After all, live streaming is nothing new; it’s been around for the better part of a decade. However, as Northern Lights PR from the UK points out, the audience for live streaming is suddenly much larger due to widespread adoption of smartphones, social media is part […]