8 Ways To Find More Buying Customers On Twitter 1. Start with a strong profile. First impressions are everything — in person and on social media. Your profile should clearly list your products, services and qualifications. At-a-glance, users should see your physical location (if applicable) and a link to your website. Make sure the “type of business” listed accurately reflects your core offerings. Use the “pin” function to place a tweet at the top of your profile that highlights a special offer you’d like to promote, be it a free eBook, relevant case study, product sale or demo trial. Include eye-catching, professional photos that reflect your offerings and/or corporate culture. 2. Search prospect bios. Once your site looks presentable, you can discover potential buyers who have defined themselves by keywords or geographic location. ManageFlitter is a good tool to help you accomplish this task. Once you discover relevant profiles, you […]

Twitter has 288 million active monthly users. Over a third of these users never post anything themselves, but use the social media site to consume content — mostly on a mobile device. More than half of Twitter users retweet interesting posts. Twitter is secondary to Facebook for most businesses, but 34 percent of marketers have generated leads on Twitter and 20 percent have closed sales. We feel this number could be much better if marketers follow these 8 quick tips for Twitter lead generation. 8 Quick Tips For Twitter Lead Generation 1. Search for popular and trending hashtags. Tools like Hashtagify.me, Topsy and Hashtags.org make it easy to keep a pulse on what people are talking about. This can help you find blog topics that will convert and join conversations that are relevant to your business. Look for people asking industry-related questions and be there to give a helpful answer. […]