It’s easy to get a Twitter chat going. You just let a bunch of your fans know when you’ll be online and what the designated hashtag will be and then hop in to moderate. The basic gist is to conduct a Q&A session where you provide valuable, meaningful assistance to customers (rather than spending this hour hard-selling). Of course, there are many finer points to holding a successful meeting, not to mention many helpful tools that make the chat easier to facilitate — as Bufferapp discusses in their step-by-step guide. If you’re still on the fence as to whether or not you should bother with Twitter chats, consider these eight benefits for your business. 8 Ways Twitter Chat Will Build Your Brand 1. Twitter Chat humanizes your business. When you create a Twitter Chat, you can include the community manager’s Twitter handle in your brand’s Twitter bio, so participants can […]

Twitter has 288 million active monthly users. Over a third of these users never post anything themselves, but use the social media site to consume content — mostly on a mobile device. More than half of Twitter users retweet interesting posts. Twitter is secondary to Facebook for most businesses, but 34 percent of marketers have generated leads on Twitter and 20 percent have closed sales. We feel this number could be much better if marketers follow these 8 quick tips for Twitter lead generation. 8 Quick Tips For Twitter Lead Generation 1. Search for popular and trending hashtags. Tools like, Topsy and make it easy to keep a pulse on what people are talking about. This can help you find blog topics that will convert and join conversations that are relevant to your business. Look for people asking industry-related questions and be there to give a helpful answer. […]

Businesses have largely accepted the fact that social media sites are an integral part of an overall online marketing strategy. Anyone who tracks analytical data can see the impact that social media is having on lead generation, referral traffic and revenue. Here are 8 social media trends we’re expecting to take wing in 2014.   1. Google + gains social status. Google + may not have as much social media clout as Facebook and Twitter, but experts across the board are predicting a rise to fame in 2014. Google now requires YouTube users to have a Google+ account in order to comment. New changes to Google Hangouts and picture sharing features are likely to turn more heads in 2014. Recently, they announced that they have more than 300 million active monthly users. Brand ambassadors say they like the visual layout of Google +. Also, in case you haven’t noticed, Google tends […]

Black Friday is a day marketers dream about all year long. Shoppers are promised deep discounts as a reward for getting an early start on their Christmas Shopping. Retailers can then sleep easy at night for most of the holiday season, knowing that they’re “in the black” sooner – rather than later. One would think social media and Black Friday sales would be a match made in heaven. After all, what better way to find all the doorbuster sales than to hashtag #BlackFriday on Twitter, watch a few product demos on YouTube, or peruse your friend’s shopping activity on Facebook? It’s been exactly 1 week since Black Friday and the results are in… But alas, Black Friday 2012 was an EPIC FAIL. Here are 8 reasons why… 1.      The news headlines are driving home the notion that social media is useless in driving sales. Given the raw data from the […]