With 75% of people judging your credibility based on how your website looks, good web design isn’t optional; it’s a necessity. Your website design helps set your site apart from others and serves as an important aspect of your company’s branding, and if you’re not keeping up with the latest web design trends in 2020, your site will quickly begin to look outdated. Web design trends in 2020 can be applied to many forms of design beyond just your website, such as graphics for your social media accounts, as all social media platforms become increasingly media-heavy. And although tools like Canva and Animoto allow you to create images and videos quickly and easily, if you don’t have someone on your team who specializes in graphic design, you might want to consider outsourcing the work to a freelancer or white label agency. Discover the 3 secrets to successful outsourcing in my free training video […]

Website performance matters now more than ever. Research shows the average online shoppers anticipate a 2-second-or-less page loading time (compared to 4 seconds in 2006). After three seconds, 40% of visitors will abandon your site if they don’t find the information they need. Worse yet, just a one-second delay in loading time reduces conversions 7%, so for a $100,000/day eCommerce site, that one second costs your company $2.5 million in lost revenues each year. Of course, IT issues like page load time aren’t the only reason your website may not be performing to your satisfaction. Fundamental problems with content and overall design are also often to blame. This 8-point checklist will help you diagnose and fix some common issues affecting website performance. 8 Ways To Boost Your Website’s Performance 1. Attract more search engine traffic. What good is having the best website ever if it’s not optimized for people to find […]

From time to time, it’s a good idea to update your site to reflect modern web design trends. Internet users come to expect certain aesthetics, responsiveness and themes. If your website was created 10 years ago, it’s probably looking pretty dated now. Everyone has different preferences and you can never please every visitor, but these 8 design aesthetics should give you a few cutting edge ideas if you’re looking for something different. One thing you must never forget is that the user experience needs to be the most important factor in your overall design. We didn’t include “responsiveness” as a trend solely for the reason that it’s been a trend for a while now and we feel that all NEW web development should be responsive. Having a mobile friendly website that looks awesome across all devices (mobile, tablet, desktop, etc) is crucial for digital branding in 2015 and beyond. Please keep that […]