In the early days, it’s natural to question what you’re doing and wonder, “Is anyone even reading our blog at all? Why bother?” Understanding why your B2B business should have its own blog and what your goals are is essential to keep building your brand’s presence online. So if you don’t already have a blog, create it through any CMS (WordPress, for example), choose a reliable WordPress hosting provider and start blogging. However, don’t be fooled: B2B business blogging is about so much more than how many comments your blog receives. 8 Distinct Goals for B2B Blogging 1. Tell a story. Blogs are not like advertisements. Your audience is looking for a good story. They also want something that is interesting to look at, so all your posts should be highly visual if you want shares. A business blog is a great place to tell the story behind your products […]

“Content is the new SEO” has been one of the resounding slogans guiding marketers in 2014. As you know, it’s not just enough to churn out content — writing about whatever is on your mind… often. You need to have an overall strategy in mind, too. Mod Girl Marketing helps businesses take their content marketing further by incorporating search engine optimization and social media marketing into an overarching strategy that’ll get you to page one of the search engines. Still not convinced? Here are 8 reasons to hire an SEO content strategist. [clickToTweet tweet=”8 reasons you need an #SEO content strategist. ” quote=”8 reasons you need an SEO content strategist. ” theme=”style3″] 1. Expertise Content is the new SEO… but do you know how to do it? Content adds value, builds community, distributes information naturally, improves brand awareness, and goes viral, according to a recent Huffington Post article. Yet, “content […]

Search Engine Optimization is an interesting field. Certain elements are ever-changing — and yet, there are many methods that remain tested, tried and true throughout the decades. Of course it’s one thing to simply say “WRITE GOOD CONTENT” and quite another to actually implement that advice. A couple weeks back we offered 8 tips to starting a blog. In this post, we’ll try to give you some more specifics on what makes a quality blog post these days. If you’re still not 100% clear on it, then contact us about hiring one of our experienced SEO copywriters. 1. Write witty headlines geared toward people. In Olden Times, we believed that packing headlines with keywords was the top priority in attracting search engine attention. As a result, the internet ended up with horrible headlines like “How to Generate Leads With Facebook, Run Facebook Ad Campaigns, and Get More Likes on Facebook.” […]

The 2012 Digital Content Marketing Survey conducted by Brafton found that businesses were most concerned about finding quality content writers for 2013. A whopping 87 percent of marketers said they planned to improve their online content in the coming years, and many planned to outsource the job to a third-party content agency. Marketing Land says that 25 percent of companies outsource content to another company currently, but trends suggest this number is on the rise. Many businesses resist hiring professional bloggers as long as possible, fearing the cost, but we’ve got 8 reasons why it’s time to turn this aspect of your business over to the pros. 1. Get another opinion on your company. It can be easy to get caught up in a bubble. Sure, all your products and services sound nifty to YOU. But what does the average consumer think? A brilliant writer may be able to get to the real value […]

If your business has a blog up and running, then you’ll be happy to know you’re headed in the right direction. Each day, 128 million users are reading blogs on their laptops, desktops and  mobile devices. Furthermore, research shows that 3 out of 5 businesses who blog see an uptick in prospective customers, particularly in the 21 to 35 demographic. Check out this infographic for more compelling reasons your business should be blogging and continue reading to learn 8 vital tips for making your efforts a smashing success!   1. Develop an editorial calendar. It’s easy to get lost out there. Without a clear sense of direction, you may find it easier to abandon ship than to keep plowing through uncertain waters. Your first step should be keyword research to find out which search terms are likely to bring targeted traffic to your site. In Excel or on a Google […]