Perhaps the most endearing quality of the Internet is that it’s “the great leverager”. In other words: whether your business is teeny-tiny or gargantuan, you have the same search engine access. You don’t necessarily have to “pay to play” as you do in so many other advertising channels. With all the free Search Engine Optimization tools out there, you just need to keep an ear to the ground to know what they are and invest a little time into getting to know them. Here are eight tools and processes that have been real game-changers for our clients. 8 (Mostly Free) SEO Tools To Improve Your Website Performance 1. Improve your keyword research with Übersuggest. Übersuggest is a terrific tool for developing better long-tail phrases. As you know, the Google Keyword Tool can help you find ideas, but it’s not 100% accurate and it’s far from complete. Keep in mind that 0 searches […]

Marketing budgets are tight at most small and medium-sized businesses these days. So, not surprisingly, there are many individuals wearing multiple caps within an organization, trying to juggle it all. Over time, business websites often fail to rank on the first or second page of the search engines, leading entrepreneurs to wonder if there is a better way. Hiring a professional SEO consultant is a big step, but will prove to be a valuable partnership if you find the right agency to help. In today’s post, we’ll discuss eight of the top reasons people hire SEO experts, versus doing search marketing in-house. [clickToTweet tweet=”Here are the 8 reasons you need an #SEO expert.” quote=”Here are the 8 reasons you need an SEO expert.” theme=”style3″] 1. Save time. The need to free up additional time is perhaps the top reason people outsource their SEO consulting work. Business leaders need to assess […]