During the 2013 holiday season, retailers saw a 39% increase in traffic to their sites from Facebook referrals. Furthermore, 65% of shoppers said they used social media websites for gift ideas last year. Facebook is the preferred medium of choice for marketers, with 92% putting the bulk of their holiday marketing efforts on the popular site. Here are eight tips for your brand to get the most out of the 2014 shopping season.   1. Know what you want. Clear, concise goals are the essential launching point of every advertising campaign — offline or online. Sure, you want attention and brand exposure. You want people to click on your links and read your blogs. You want people to “like” and share your content. But ultimately, you are looking for sales, right? Decide on a percentage or dollar value you’d like to see, and monitor your progress. 2. Measure achievements. In addition to […]

Christmas is just a week away! Can you believe it? Time has gone by so quickly this holiday sale season. Perhaps your numbers aren’t quite measuring up to what you’d hoped. That’s why we love online marketing so much. There is always room to tweak and improve marketing strategies to make immediate adjustments that can skyrocket sales literally overnight. Sometimes the best way to look forward is to first look backwards to see what lessons we can gather. Black Friday 2013 provides a number of helpful lessons that we can apply to our final holiday marketing pushes. 1. FACT: Budgets are smaller this year. This Black Friday weekend, consumers spent $1.7 billion less than they spent in 2012, according to the National Retail Federation. Perhaps your initial forecasting was a bit too optimistic. “There are some economic challenges that many Americans still face,” explained NRF chief executive Matthew Shay. The average […]

Do you have marketing weariness yet? I’ve unsubscribed from so many mailing lists I forgot I was even on — now that they have been arriving to my inbox every single day since Thanksgiving. Christmas  may account for up to 40 percent of annual sales, so it’s understandable that marketers place a lot of stock in their holiday campaigns. They must be careful not to push potential customers away, however, as we saw with some of the failed Black Friday tweets. Here are 8 common holiday marketing mistakes… 1. You didn’t plan. Suddenly, it’s December — and you realize that you really had nothing special prepared. It is not enough to throw a couple of reindeer and the word “Christmas” into your marketing materials. You need a strategic game plan that includes measurable goals, benchmark deadlines, and metrics that will show if you are on-track or not. 2. You don’t have any holiday […]