Although marketing proposals are often several pages long, it doesn’t have to take you hours to create one. When you niche down and work with a specific industry, you can create a marketing proposal template that speaks directly to them. Then, whenever you need to create a new marketing proposal, it’s simply a matter of filling in the blanks and customizing your template for them. At Mod Girl Marketing, I’ve created a marketing proposal template that’s helped me land $10k projects time and time again. Download your free copy today to help you land your next high-paying client! Download my free proposal template here Or, you can create one of your own. Here’s what your marketing proposal needs to include: Part 1: The Front Page Keep the front page of your marketing proposal pretty simple. It should include: The client’s name The proposal name An image of the client’s website […]

Outsourcing Expert Nathan Hirsch Goes Live with Mandy McEwen in Mod Agency Insiders Facebook Group Watch this snippet of Mandy’s interview with Nathan Hirsch of FreeeUp above and get tips and tricks for hiring and finding the best freelance marketers for your business. If you are a digital agency owner, chances are at some point in your career you’ve had to do it all. Manage finances, oversee marketing campaigns and launch lead generation efforts to name a few. But the truth is, working this way is not sustainable and often leads to burnout. A better solution? Hiring quality, remote talent without ever leaving your home office and without a hefty payroll. Nathan Hirsch, outsourcing expert and co-founder of freelance platform FreeeUp, joined our founder and CEO Mandy McEwen inside our free Facebook group to share his tips and tricks on how to find and hire freelance marketers. Discover Nathan’s top 5 […]

Updated October 3, 2018 Determining how to market your business online is a difficult decision – and one that can have big (not to mention, expensive) consequences affecting your bottom line. Deciding between hiring a team of in-house marketers or hiring a marketing agency does not just come down to price, but maximum efficiency. Having worked with numerous clients over the years as the founder and CEO of my own marketing agency, Mod Girl Marketing, I’m familiar with the pros and cons of hiring a marketing agency over a team of in-house marketers. But don’t just take my word for it! I reached out to fellow marketers and business owners on LinkedIn to get their perspective as well. Check out what they had to say by clicking on the comments below: 8 Benefits of Hiring A Marketing Agency Over In-House Marketers Here are 8 benefits of hiring a marketing agency – […]

Press releases aren’t what they used to be. Marketers can’t view them as a vehicle to “get picked up by the Wall Street Journal” and solicit coverage by other mainstream journalists anymore. Social media, direct engagement and curation tools have largely replaced the press release in this avenue. Yet, that doesn’t mean you should turn your back on the press release distribution altogether. There are still many benefits, as Daryl Willcox, chairman of DWPub, told eConsultancy. He explained that “social media pick-up” and “direct to consumer communications” function well “as part of a concerted, long-term PR or content marketing campaign.” Press releases will always have a place in certain complex industries — like finance and biomedical tech. These days, the press release services market is quite crowded, making it difficult for marketers to decide where their money is best spent. To choose the best press release company, industry veteran Sarah Skerik recommends focusing on these four […]

The day after Halloween decorations were packed away, a full onslaught of Christmas candy, lights, inflatable lawn decorations, music and holiday product displays went up. Retailers mean business this holiday season. The National Retail Federation estimates that the average consumer plans to spend about $737.95 on gifts, holiday décor, greeting cards — up 2% from 2012. So how can you ramp up your online marketing efforts to compete? We’ve compiled eight key trends that will direct how you approach your holiday advertising in 2013. 1. Mobile site optimization matters. The Adobe Digital Index survey of 400 U.S. shoppers revealed that 35% of 18-to-34-year-olds will use their mobile devices to compare prices while shopping in stores this year. (That number is up from 22% last year). 2. Mobile apps make shopping easier. We’re likely to see an upswing in mobile apps this year, the Adobe survey confirms. Overall, just 36% of U.S. […]

Marketing is a daunting task when you’re on a shoestring budget. According to Entrepreneur, you can calculate a reasonable advertising budget by taking 10-12% of your projected annual gross sales markup… and deduct your rent.  One benchmark study found marketing expenditures as high as 25% among startups. The bulk of a startup’s marketing is spent on advertising, followed by press releases, trade shows and loyalty programs. Offline advertising is good at drumming up leads, but poor at converting sales. The landscape is very different online, which provides better bang for your buck. Here are 8 recommended marketing strategies for startups…  1.  Business Branding Consultant Packages  A package is one quick, easy way to get the marketing end of your  news business going, while you focus on building your core company and clinching sales. We can set you up with a website, blog, social media sites and PPC ads. We can also help […]

It’s easy to feel like you’re running around in circles when trying to market your small or medium-sized business. Having a comprehensive strategy that includes several different tasks can lead to the dramatic results you’ve been seeking. We’ve compiled 8 marketing ideas to help you get started on a bigger and bolder 2013… 1. Create A Video. Have a professional shoot a video for you — perhaps a company commercial, a behind-the-scenes shoot, or a mini-documentary. Optimize it for search engines to improve your visibility and appeal to people who may be looking up keywords related to your business on YouTube, Google Video, or Vimeo. Tip: Want to DIY? allows anyone to create professional slideshow videos free.  2. Start Blogging. Blogging is a great way to let the world know about your business and share your expertise with prospective customers. Incorporating Search Engine Optimization techniques into your posts will act as […]

The Super Bowl is the most highly anticipated advertising event of the year. Even if you don’t have the budget for a multi-million-dollar TV spot, your business can still learn a lot from what advertisers are doing during this high-profile event. Lesson 1: Exposure Is Expensive! Super Bowl 2012 attracted a whopping 111.3 million viewers, making it the “most-watched telecast of all time.” WOW! To have your product and your brand in front of that many people is going to cost you, though. Nielsen reports that the cost for a 30-second TV spot is creeping up toward $3.5 million. Lesson 2: Sometimes It’s Worth The Splurge. It’s not practical for small companies to take out a loan just to run a Super Bowl ad. However, for companies that gross millions or billions a year, the splurge on a well-thought ad could be worthwhile. Nielsen data suggests that ads running during last […]

Do you have marketing weariness yet? I’ve unsubscribed from so many mailing lists I forgot I was even on — now that they have been arriving to my inbox every single day since Thanksgiving. Christmas  may account for up to 40 percent of annual sales, so it’s understandable that marketers place a lot of stock in their holiday campaigns. They must be careful not to push potential customers away, however, as we saw with some of the failed Black Friday tweets. Here are 8 common holiday marketing mistakes… 1. You didn’t plan. Suddenly, it’s December — and you realize that you really had nothing special prepared. It is not enough to throw a couple of reindeer and the word “Christmas” into your marketing materials. You need a strategic game plan that includes measurable goals, benchmark deadlines, and metrics that will show if you are on-track or not. 2. You don’t have any holiday […]