Though many areas are finally beginning to ease up on shelter-at-home orders, it’s still likely to be weeks, if not months, before we’re back to business as usual. This is an especially trying time for businesses that rely mainly on facetime with their customers. In order to make sure your brand doesn’t get lost in the shuffle, it’s essential to continue engaging customers remotely, whether that’s through social media, video calls, or some other method. Take a look at the graphic from RentSpree below to learn about the best remote communication tools that won’t break the bank, examples of big-name brands that successfully pivoted to remote communication as inspiration, along with ideas for keeping your customers engaged online. Source:RentSpree Become a Mod Girl Marketing Blog Contributor If you’re interested in submitting a guest post for Mod Girl Marketing, contact us here.

The internet brings people together from all over the world — especially potential team members. At Mod Girl Marketing, I decided to create an all virtual team so that we could hire the best, no matter where they are. But managing virtual teams isn’t always easy. Though more and more companies now allow employees to work remotely, either full-time or for part of their work week, others, such as IBM, are ending the work-from-anywhere policy altogether. Still, remote teams are common among digital agencies, and with good reason. Managing virtual teams composed of freelancers allows you to scale faster without necessarily adding to your payroll, hiring people to address specific needs in your company for just a few hours a week if needed. Plus, with clients often expecting a quick turnaround on their projects, having team members from all over the world can really make a difference. But when you’re managing virtual teams, […]