Owning a website is a bit like parenting: a lot of people are doing it, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy! Sure, you can have a website that’s holding your place online if people search your business name. But why settle for that, when you can have a website that is actively reaching out to new prospects and converting leads into sales, while you sleep? This is not the dreams of shysters and hucksters the world over… it’s a reality for people who are attuned to modern digital marketing tools designed to make life much, much easier. You’ve been doing it alone far too long. Let us lift some of the load off your plate with these 8 ways to convert your website into a profit-generating machine.  8 Marketing Tools to Convert Your Website into a Profit-Generating Machine  1. Snip.ly Snip.ly helps you increase conversions by social media content share optimization. Here’s how: – […]

Anyone who owns a business understands that there are countless opportunities to make money and grow the company during the course of a day. Who has time to sit around and wait a month or more for digital marketing strategies to gain traction? It can be disheartening to do so much work today, but see little to no results tomorrow. Luckily, there are many ultra-modern marketing tools designed to turbocharge your efforts, deliver immediate impact and scale your business. As marketing consultants, we specialize in sharing these resources with growing companies like yours. Feel free to contact us to discuss which tools would benefit your particular business the most or check out our list of favorites below… Marketing Fast-Track: 8 Of Our Favorite Growth-Hacking Tools 1. Hatchbuck helps small and mid-sized businesses automate basic tasks like form management, audience segmentation, and drip email campaigns. This Tool Is For You If: You are looking […]

Never start a new marketing campaign without a dedicated landing page. Landing pages are an essential marketing tool that helps you “warm up” and convert readers into buyers. You can create landing pages for downloads of reports, whitepapers, ebooks, newsletters and podcasts. You can create landing pages to subscribe to your blog, register for a webinar, request a consultation, or purchase a special offer. Unlike your homepage, a landing page is designed specifically with a single objective in mind, so it makes analytics reporting and testing a much easier task. There should also be no navigation or extraneous links included on the page — but, rather, a single easy action for visitors to take. Ideally, landing pages can be created quickly, tested and altered easily if need be to improve the efficiency of your conversions. [Tweet “”Never start a new #marketing campaign without a dedicated #landingpage.””] 1. LeadPages Who It’s For: Beginners […]